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Bonusly Awards: Increase engagement and encourage your team to share quality recognition with built-in Bonusly Awards! 🏆

Company Value Hashtags: Learn how you can use hashtags to identify, track, and evaluate the values and initiatives most important to your team. 📣

How can managers use Bonusly? Check out this article for tips on how managers can use Bonusly to support their team. 💚


Why Recognition?

Why is Employee Engagement Important? Learn more about why engagement is important for your team and how you can influence engagement for the better. 🔥

Why is Employee Recognition Important? Read about how creating a company culture embedded with employee recognition can lead to higher engagement, lower turnover, and increased productivity, morale, and purpose among your team. 🙌

Quality Recognition

Characteristics of Effective Recognition: Check out chapter 4 of The Guide to Modern Employee Recognition to learn more about the recipe for effective recognition. 👀

Keeping Employees Engaged by Personalizing Appreciation: Learn more about the impact of authentic recognition and how it can improve engagement and boost employee morale. 👍

Tips for giving a great bonus: Needs some tips for giving awesome recognition? Check out this article to learn ways to make your recognition great! 🚨


Individual Performance

Profile Page: The User Profile gives you a snapshot of bonus activity, interactions with other users, as well as top hashtags, and achievements a user has earned. 🔍

Team Performance

Analytics Dashboard: The Analytics Dashboard provides an overview of your team's recent recognition activity and trends, allowing greater visibility and insights specific to your team. 📊

Organization Graph: The Organization Graph shows you what your workplace connectivity really looks like, and how everyone is interacting. 📈

Using Bonusly data to promote collaboration, inclusion, and leadership: Learn more about how the data found in the Organization Graph can help you support your team.

More Resources

Bonusly Help Center: Search a collection of articles with how-to’s and FAQs to help answer your questions and assist you in set up, launch, and using Bonusly.🤓

Bonusly product updates + new features: Stay up-to-date on new feature releases, product updates, and improvements. 🎉

Bonusly Blog: Browse articles from thought leaders on recognition, culture, engagement including data on the impact of recognition and ways to demonstrate the value across your organization. 💡

Bonusly Product Blog: Explore product updates, best practices, and insights on Bonusly features in the product blog. 🤩 Reach out to our dedicated support team 9a-9p EST Monday - Friday 🤗

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