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Manager Training Resources
Manager Training Resources

Here's a list of helpful resources for managers to get the most out of Bonusly for their team! πŸŽ‰

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Manager Tools

Bonusly Awards: Increase engagement and encourage your team to share quality recognition with built-in Bonusly Awards! πŸ†

Company Value Hashtags: Learn how you can use hashtags to identify, track, and evaluate the values and initiatives most important to your team. πŸ“£

How can managers use Bonusly? Check out this article for tips on how managers can use Bonusly to support their team. πŸ’š


Why Recognition?

Why is Employee Engagement Important? Learn more about why engagement is important for your team and how you can influence engagement for the better. πŸ”₯

Why is Employee Recognition Important? Read about how creating a company culture embedded with employee recognition can lead to higher engagement, lower turnover, and increased productivity, morale, and purpose among your team. πŸ™Œ

Quality Recognition

Characteristics of Effective Recognition: Check out chapter 4 of The Guide to Modern Employee Recognition to learn more about the recipe for effective recognition. πŸ‘€

Keeping Employees Engaged by Personalizing Appreciation: Learn more about the impact of authentic recognition and how it can improve engagement and boost employee morale. πŸ‘

Tips for giving a great bonus: Needs some tips for giving awesome recognition? Check out this article to learn ways to make your recognition great! 🚨


Individual Performance

Profile Page: The User Profile gives you a snapshot of bonus activity, interactions with other users, as well as top hashtags, and achievements a user has earned. πŸ”

Team Performance

Analytics Dashboard: The Analytics Dashboard provides an overview of your team's recent recognition activity and trends, allowing greater visibility and insights specific to your team. πŸ“Š

Organization Graph: The Organization Graph shows you what your workplace connectivity really looks like, and how everyone is interacting. πŸ“ˆ

Using Bonusly data to promote collaboration, inclusion, and leadership: Learn more about how the data found in the Organization Graph can help you support your team.

More Resources

Bonusly Help Center: Search a collection of articles with how-to’s and FAQs to help answer your questions and assist you in set up, launch, and using Bonusly.πŸ€“

Bonusly product updates + new features: Stay up-to-date on new feature releases, product updates, and improvements. πŸŽ‰

Bonusly Blog: Browse articles from thought leaders on recognition, culture, engagement including data on the impact of recognition and ways to demonstrate the value across your organization. πŸ’‘

Bonusly Product Blog: Explore product updates, best practices, and insights on Bonusly features in the product blog. 🀩

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