What will it mean for you as a manager to have your team on Bonusly? Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Improve employee happiness and engagement
  • Effortlessly promote behaviors and values 
  • Boost collaboration inside your team and with other departments on Bonusly
  • Distribute responsibility of recognizing employees
  • Gain insight and visibility on each employee and your entire team  


Getting all of those benefits of Bonusly is nearly effortless for you as a manager. One of the best parts of Bonusly is that employees recognize each other, and all the responsibility isn't on you as a manager. That said, there are a few parts of Bonusly that are especially helpful for managers:


Use our analytics and leaderboards to get a snapshot of who is receiving recognition on your team and the company values that are tied to the recognition.

Protip: Use the leaderboard to see if anyone on your team is possibly not being recognized or included. If there's someone not getting recognized, look into the situation to see why that might be and see how you can support them -- It could be a number of solvable issues. For example it could be that their work is less visible or that they don't have many opportunities to collaborate.

Manager Digest

Our Manager Digest gives managers a quick and personal overview of their team's engagement and gets sent directly to their inboxes every week. This email provides a weekly snapshot of bonus activity, top team hashtags, and upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. With quicker access to their team analytics, managers can gain valuable insights to boost collaboration, recognize employee efforts, and stay connected!


It can be hard to know what employees are working on, especially if you have many reports or an autonomous work culture. You can use employee profiles to see what your employees are working on.

Protip: Reviewing profiles is a great way to reduce recency bias in performance reviews.


Recognize and reward anything you want to see more of on your team. You can also use Bonusly to announce accomplishments and promotions. Recognizing employees is the most important part of Bonusly!

Learn more about giving a meaningful bonus.

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