How will Bonusly help my remote employees?

Learn how Bonusly strengthens your workplace community for on site and remote employees.

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Many modern companies are rolling out remote work programs to give employees autonomy, have access to top talent around the world, and save resources on office space. With a new approach to work, there are new challenges that need to be addressed. 

Gallups research shows that remote workers have a more difficult time sustaining work relationships and being recognized for their work. 

Without in-person interactions, remote employees may not have opportunities to be recognized or participate in company culture. Receiving recognition is a key element of engagement, and recognition initiatives need to adapt to remote employees.

Recognition that works for remote employees

Bonusly allows your remote employees to be recognized where they work - Online, on their phones, and in their chat tools.

The public feed is a platform for their achievements to be public, as well as gain visibility of their colleagues’ successes. 

Also, Bonusly uses hashtags to promote your cultural values with all all of your employees.

What does it mean if a remote employee isn't engaging with Bonusly?

Bonusly also lets your identify remote employees who aren't being recognized for their work. If a remote employee isn’t giving or receiving bonuses, it's best to reach out to their manager for more information. Here are two possible causes to consider:

  1. Their work may not be visible to their peers. Their manager may need to highlight their work more consistently to compensate for any lack of visibility.

  2. The role may isolated, not allowing the remote employee to collaborate with their peers. If this is the case, consider adding collaborative projects. 

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