The Bonusly Analytics Participation report shows you how many employees are giving and receiving recognition on a regular basis. Ideally, most of your employees will be recognized on a regular basis. This article will give you suggestions for increasing the percentage of employees being recognized within Bonusly. 

Boosting participation across the company

Bonusly uses thoughtful notifications and reminders to remind employees to recognize each other regularly, but there’s a few ways you can boost participation as well:

  • Set up Bonusly Digital Signage in the office.

  • Roll out an integration so recognition is part of an employee’s work flow.

  • Ensure rewards are valuable and meaningful for employees. If you aren't giving your employees a high allowance, consider supplementing the catalog with valuable custom rewards.

  • Set a good example of how you would like Bonusly to be used in your organization, and ask other leaders at your company to do the same.

Going from good to great participation

Still not at 100% participation? That’s okay! Though it will vary by company, we see on average about 85% of employees both giving and receiving bonuses in a month. Who’s the 15%?  Let’s take a closer look, because this is an important insight. 

Sometimes, there's a whole team that hasn’t engaged with Bonusly. We recommend reaching out to their team lead to see why they're not adopting Bonusly, and then asking someone to champion the program.

If you find individuals are not participating, there’s a few potential situations:

  1. Their role may be isolated. If their role isn’t collaborative, they won’t have peers to recognize them. If this is the case, it’s important for their manager to take a more significant role in recognizing them. This might also be an indicator that an employee could use more collaboration opportunities.

  2. Another reason might be that the employee is a member of the executive team. Though most executives love using Bonusly, some executive management don’t want to receive recognition from their employees.

  3. This number may be slightly affected during times when employees are on vacation or extended leave.

Don’t forget to take these factors into account and remember that your participation goal may not be 100% participation.

If you're still not hitting the participation numbers you would like, we'd be happy to consult on your situation specifically. Reach out to [email protected] to start the conversation. 

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