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How to get the most out of your Bonusly Trial and set yourself up for success

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Welcome to your Bonusly Trial! We're happy you're here!

Below you will find helpful resources to make the most out of your Bonusly trial and ensure you are set up for success.

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1. Invite a teammate to see recognition in action.

Bonusly is better with others! Invite your colleagues to Bonusly and start seeing the value of peer-to-peer recognition.

2. Show appreciation for hard work by giving recognition.

Giving recognition is a quick and easy way to show your coworkers you appreciate them and recognize their great work! Good recognition is a positive way to impact your company’s culture, but great recognition empowers long-term business success by:

  • Creating teams that are connected, motivated, and high-performing

  • Increasing retention through a culture of positivity, collaboration, and fun!

  • And, enabling high performance by reinforcing positive behaviors and habits

3. Connect important company values to your recognition program with Company Value Hashtags.

Promote your company's values using Bonusly by setting hashtags for your users.

By adding company value hashtags to recognition, you can help everyone in your organization understand what it means to embody your values and see how contributions of all kinds support your mission.

4. Set up awards to help employees actively pursue goals, celebrate milestones, birthdays, and more.

Bonusly expands company-to-employee recognition capabilities with Automated, Manual, and Claimable Awards! Awards make it easier than ever for companies of all sizes to manage their company-to-employee bonuses, and provide a space for employees to actively pursue goals! Learn about Automated, Manual, and Claimable Awards available for Bonusly Connect users!

5. Reward your employees through our Rewards catalog and get creative by using custom rewards.

Your team will use their Bonusly points to redeem rewards from your catalog. There are three sections: gift cards, charitable donations, and custom rewards. These reward options are viewable on the Manage catalog page in the admin tools.

You can also set up custom rewards. These are rewards just for your company that you fulfill in-house. This is an opportunity for you to tie perks to performance, include local experiences, support a company charity, and promote other cultural initiatives like healthy living.

6. Configure your Bonusly account.

In order to set yourself up for success with Bonusly you’ll want to first adjust your company appearance and recognition settings.

*If you are a Connect user Bonusly can support a number of HRIS vendors with custom-built integrations. Find out how to set up an integration with your HRIS.

*Pro tip: When it comes time to invite your organization to Bonusly, our bulk upload feature can be used to bulk edit your users' information all at once. You can add, edit, or archive users (or any combination of the three) with just one upload! Ensure that you have as much user profile data as possible (birthdate, hire date, manager email etc) within your file prior to upload, to take full advantage of Bonusly automated awards and analytics.

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