Company values are the foundation of company culture, but how do you know if employees are living the values? In addition to promoting collaboration, recognition, and high performance, Bonusly rewards employees for living your values on a daily basis. 

As an admin, you can choose suggested hashtags for your users. You'll also be able to see analytics on these hashtags later on. 

Adding company hashtags

To set your company's suggested tags, head over to the ‘company settings’ page. 

You'll see a "company values" option towards the bottom of the page:

You can add up to twelve (12) suggested hashtags for your company by entering them here, separated by a comma.

You can also set the bonus hashtag mode to 'At Least One Company Hashtag' to require all bonuses to have a company values hashtag. You can learn more about the hashtag modes in this help center article

Still have trouble with company value hashtags? Send us an email at and we'll help you out!

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