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Create a culture of recognition centered around core values and measure success with Bonusly’s Hashtag Analytics.

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Measuring the adoption of your company’s values is now more actionable and intuitive than ever! Hashtag Analytics provides easy-to-digest charts and insights that can help quickly tell the story of which company values are on the rise or on the decline and may need some extra attention. ✨

Click on the Hashtags page in Recognition Analytics to understand how your company’s values trend over time. 🎉

Hashtag Data

Under the Hashtags Overview, you can filter insights and charts by company values only (default) or by all hashtags.

Company Values view: Understand which company value hashtags are trending and how they’ve changed over time through recognition. These insights can help to communicate what company values peer-to-peer recognition has helped foster or which values may need reinforcement.

All Hashtags view: Get a glimpse at which non-company value hashtags are trending to consider them for new core values and identify what's resonating outside of your official company values.

Insights are broken out into 3 categories:

  • Most popular during the period: shows top hashtags by the recognition received during the selected time range.

  • Grew in most recent month: shows hashtags trending up by recognition received in the most recent month.

  • Declined in most recent month: shows hashtags trending down by recognition received in the most recent month.

💡Pro tip: Company values are starred for easy recognition across charts! ⭐️

Hashtag Charts

Scroll down the overview page to review and export corresponding charts based on your selected view. These charts will help you identify the most popular hashtags over a selected time range to easily communicate monthly changes and values that are used the most.

Recognition Received by Company Values

  • This chart plots the count of recognition received by each Company Value hashtag

  • Data will update based on the time range selected

Top 5 Hashtags Received (All Hashtags view)

  • This chart shows the top 5 hashtags by the number of recognition posts received in each month

  • Data will update based on the time range selected

💡 Pro tip: Hover over the legend to view 1 hashtag at a time

or a particular month to compare monthly data.

Export Options

Each chart is easy to download and insert into slide decks to share across the organization. Click on the export button at the top right of the chart to download a PNG, JPG, or CSV file.

You can easily insert the download as a file into Google Slides or PowerPoint! 🎉

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