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Understand how often users echo recognition given in Bonusly!

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The new Add-on Rate Analytics are the latest addition to Bonusly's Recognition Analytics. This page is designed to help you understand how often users echo recognition given in Bonusly. Group recognition can amplify the feelings of connection an employee has to their work, their team, and the company as a whole. πŸ™Œ

Example of add-ons to welcome a new teammate to the company:

Click on the Add-on Rates page in Recognition Analytics to track and compare how your company’s culture has evolved over time to embrace collective praise. πŸŽ‰

Add-on Rates Insights

Under the Add-ons Overview, you'll find insight cards for posts with add-ons and add-on rates. Each card also tracks changes from the previous month for a quick indicator of how recognition is trending.

  • Recognition posts with add-ons: shows the number of posts with at least one add-on throughout the time range selected. The monthly average is also measured for comparison.

  • Average Add-on Rate: shows the average rate posts receive at least one add-on each month.

πŸ’‘Pro tip: Adjust your Time Range to see updated average rates in your insights and charts!

Add-on Rate Charts

Scroll down the overview page to review and export corresponding charts based on your selected time range. Compare your company's Add-on Rate to the Bonusly average benchmark to see how your employee engagement stacks up against other Bonusly customers.

Posts with Add-ons

  • This chart plots the average monthly rate that Recognition posts receive at least one add-on each month.

  • The tooltip includes Total Posts and Posts with Add-ons to show the volume of posts each month.

  • "Bonusly Average" is the average rate of all companies in Bonusly.

  • Data will update based on the time range selected.

Export Options

Each chart is easy to download and insert into slide decks to share across the organization. Click on the export button at the top right of the chart to download a PNG, JPG, or CSV file.

You can easily insert the download as a file into Google Slides or PowerPoint! πŸŽ‰

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