How to give recognition

It's easy to recognize and appreciate your team by posting to your Bonusly homepage!

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Giving recognition is a quick and easy way to show your coworkers you appreciate them and recognize their great work! Here's an example of how to give great recognition:

Each recognition post requires 4 elements:

When you first log in to Bonusly, you'll see sample text in the recognition box at the top of the homepage. This text is automatically generated using the names of people in your company as an example of what to include in a recognition post! πŸ’‘

The sample text will disappear the moment you begin typing or clicking to add components to your recognition post! 🀩


Start by adding the person or people you'd like to recognize. To do this, click the recipient button and begin typing the person's name after the "@" symbol to find the person in Bonusly. You can also add someone directly with text by typing "@" and the person's name into the text box. ✨


Next, add the number of points or custom currency your company uses that you would like to give. Similar to above, click on the Amount button and select a preset amount or type "+" followed by the amount you'd like to give!


Now it's time to add the reason for giving recognition. The more specific and timely you can be, the better! Here's some tips on giving great recognition.


Include a hashtag to tie the recognition to specific company values and projects. This helps organize recognition and makes it easier to review the impact on company culture and values. Hashtags are created and set up by admins in your company. For questions about hashtags, check in with the team that manages your Bonusly account.


To finish, click Give! The recognition will instantly and automatically post to the home feed and notify users that they've received recognition! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Need to edit a post? Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to copy the link, edit, or delete your post in a snap!

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