Recognition Activity report

Learn how to read and utilize the Recognition Activity report to get the most out of your Bonusly data!

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The Recognition Activity Report makes it easy to see and manage all of the recognition activity in Bonusly. Here you’ll get a basic overview of each recognition post given out by your team. You can also download this report to see a lot more details to review and share with your team.

How to filter your report

You can filter this report using the Filter Users button to search for specific users by name, email, department, location, and admin permissions.

You can also search this report by date or time frame to drill-down for a more targeted search. Click on Filter by date to select a range or click on the drop-down menu to choose a specific month to review.

Reporting Columns

  • From - User who gave out recognition

  • To - User who received recognition

  • Date - Date recognition was given

  • Amount - Amount of recognition earned in your currency

  • Hashtags - First hashtag included in the recognition post

  • Message - Message shared in recognition post

If you want to download this report to review and share, click on the Export to CSV button to generate a report instantly.

Bonusly Pro-tip: Downloading to a CSV file will give you much more insight on:

  • Specific departments for giver and receiver

  • How recognition was given (via web vs. smartphone app)

  • Breakdown of the type of bonus (direct, add on, group)

  • All hashtags used in a recognition post and how many times each hashtag has been used

Deleting Recognition

If you run into a problematic post you can quickly and easily delete it from this page.

Deleting a post is permanent and irreversible, so you want to make sure this is the action you’d like to take before confirming.

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