Participation Summary report

Learn how to read and utilize the Participation Summary report to get the most out of your Bonusly data!

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The Participation Summary report gives you a snapshot of recent user activity in Bonusly. It provides an overview of how much and how often a user is giving recognition and how much of the monthly allowance is being used. ✨

Filtering your Report

You can filter this report using the filter users button to search for specific users by name, email, department, location, and admin permissions. You can also include archived users in your report by checking, which is a great way to see the entire picture of past and present users when reviewing your company’s participation.

You can choose a month to populate benchmark data and compare your current monthly totals. This is a great way to identify trends and major changes in how much of a user’s allowance is used month to month.

Reporting Columns

  • Total Monthly Allowance - The total monthly amount a user has to give recognition each month. It includes any allowance boosts applied by an admin and will be a constant number based on your monthly allowance settings

  • Allowance Balance - The number of points available to give out recognition in the current month

  • Given in selected month - Total amount given out in the time frame you selected as a benchmark (September in the example above)

  • Remaining in Selected month - Amount leftover that wasn’t used in the time frame selected as a benchmark (September in the example above)

  • Given this month - Total amount of points used in recognition for the current month

  • Last bonus given - How many days ago recognition was given

You can export this report for easy review and sharing.

This report can help you review give rate patterns as well as how much is leftover in a user’s monthly allowance balance. This is a great tool to see how much of the set monthly allowance is utilized and if adjustments are needed to meet your budget goals.

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