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Learn how to read and utilize the Reported Post report to get the most out of your Bonusly data!

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The Reported posts report allows users with global admin access to review and resolve recognition that has been reported or flagged for review. Global Admins will see a red action dot next to Reported in the admin tools when recognition has been reported.

There are two ways to report bonuses: actively, with User Reports, and passively, with the Bonusly Quality Bot. Any Bonusly user can report a bonus they think is inappropriate or suspicious. Check out this article to learn more about how to report recognition.

Reporting Columns

  • Reported By - User who reported the recognition

  • Reported On - The day the recognition was reported

  • Giver - User who gave the recognition

  • Receivers - User/s who received the recognition

  • Reported For - Reason included in the report for why recognition was flagged

  • Resolution - Button to take action and resolve report

Resolving a User Report

Global admins can resolve a User Report in three ways:

  1. Delete the bonus and deactivate the bonus giver's account

  2. Delete the bonus and leave the bonus giver's account active

  3. Take no action

When a recognition post is deleted, it is a permanent action.

Points will be returned to the user’s Monthly Allowance if the resolution action happens in the same month that the bonus was reported. Points will be deducted from the Rewards Balance of the receiver when a post is deleted.

Viewing Resolved Posts

By default, this report will only show unresolved posts. To review the list of all recognition that has ever been reported, check on the gray box to Include Resolved. This is a great way to go back and review how previous reports were resolved.

Once all reported posts are resolved, the Recognition > Reported page will be inactive until new reports are made.

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