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Account Configuration FAQs
Account Configuration FAQs

As you get started with Bonusly, you may have a few questions about how to set up your account. Here are some that we hear most frequently:

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Can you set the monthly allowance to be higher for different roles, like a manager?

Absolutely! Your Customer Success Manager can help you set up an allowance boost for specific roles. You can also give an allowance boost to individual users, so they can use extra points to recognize their peers. 💬

Do we pay for allowance points that are not used?

You only pay for rewards when employees redeem their Bonusly earnings (such as for an gift card). You never pay for any unused allowance budget. You can track your rewards payments on the Billing Activity page.

How do I budget for reward spending?

You can use our new Rewards Budgeting Calculator to play around with your rewards budget in order to align your spending with your company’s changing needs. 💸

Which hashtag mode should I use?

We recommend using the "Company value hashtag required" mode. By requiring at least one company hashtag, you'll receive the most data and analytics from the Bonusly system. Learn more about setting your hashtag mode here. 💚

How do I add multiple users at one time?

There are two main ways of adding users: through an automated HRIS integration, or manually. The bulk upload feature allows you to easily add, edit, or archive users with just one upload. 🎉

How do we pay for Awards?

Awards come directly from the company and do not impact a user’s allowance balance. Here’s a great link for learning more about Bonusly Awards.

How does Bonusly determine which rewards are in our catalog?

Bonusly partners with multiple providers that offer a wide variety of gift cards for stores, charitable donations, and services around the globe that are specific to your country. Keep an eye out in your Reward Catalog for new additions! 🎁

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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