Bonusly’s annual subscription fee is flat, but what you spend on rewards may fluctuate. 

How can you budget for that? Let’s cover some guidelines on making rewards match your culture and budget.

Predicting reward spending

You only pay when rewards are redeemed from our preset catalog of gift cards and donations, and employees' will give and redeem different amounts each month.

Most companies see between 55% and 65% of the monthly allowance redeemed as rewards. You can see the average reward spend at your company from your Analytics Page

This means your monthly reward spend will be roughly:
(Monthly Allowance) × (Number of Employees) × (Utilization Percentage)

Adjusting reward spending

The easiest variable to adjust is the monthly allowance your employees have to give away. 

Another way to adjust rewards spending is custom rewards. If you include perks like gym subsidies, this could raise your reward spending overall. To reduce reward spending, include things with cultural value like lunch with the CEO. 

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