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Learn how to navigate the between pages in your Bonusly account.

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Switching between the pages in your Bonusly account is quick and easy with Bonusly's new navigation! πŸŽ‰

Check out our new admin experience and updates in detail in this training video or get an overview in the article below.

User Navigation

All users will see a consistent top navigation in their Bonusly account that includes the following pages:

  • Home

  • Rewards

  • Awards

  • Analytics

You'll see the top navigation on every page, making it quick and easy to navigate through your Bonusly account.

To move to a different page, click the link in the top navigation bar.

Profile & Settings

To view your profile and user settings, click on the avatar in the top right corner of your Bonusly account. From here, you can navigate to:

  • Profile Settings, where you can edit and update your personal information and preferences with Bonusly.

  • Bookmarks- With a single click, you can capture outstanding achievements – both individual and team-based. Add private notes for context, and revisit your curated collection when it's review time.

  • Logout - to exit your Bonusly account.

Admin Navigation

Bonusly Admins will see a Manage admin settings button in their user navigation.

Clicking on the Manage admin settings button will direct admins to the Admin Dashboard that displays the admin tool menu on the left side.

It provides direct access to the following Admin sections:

  • Dashboard - The admin dashboard is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make data-driven decisions about your recognition program.

  • Company - includes pages to update account settings, integrations, billing settings and view billing activity, program settings and the rewards catalog .

    The Integrations page under the company drop-down allows Admins to connect a Bonusly account to existing workflows allowing teams to chat, collaborate and give and receive recognition without leaving the tools they use regularly. If your Bonusly account has existing integrations in place, this is your go-to page to manage integrations with Bonusly.

  • Users - where you can manage user information, review and download admin reports on point totals and manage imported users.

  • Recognition -pages let you review and manage recognition, set up and manage Bonusly Awards, and review reported activity.

  • Reports - are the pages where you can review and manage the full history of points earned, points given to participation and rewards cost summaries.

  • What's new links you to Bonusly's customer-facing release notes to keep up with the latest updates and improvements!

  • Help and Support directs you to our help center, where you can find helpful articles on how to use Bonusly.

Click on the link in the dropdown arrow of the page you'd like to view.

Once Bonusly Admins reach an admin page, they have entered admin mode. A consistent admin navigation will show on the left side of the screen on each individual admin page.

Click on the Go to Home button to return to your home feed and view your Recognition Feed, Rewards Catalog, Claimable Awards, and Analytics pages.

To access profile and user settings, admins must exit admin mode and return home, then click on the avatar in the top right corner of the user navigation. Admins will have the same options as users within the user menu.

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