There are four options for admin permissions in Bonusly: Global, Finance, Rewards, and Tech. You can learn more about each type of permission below, and what access is available for each set of permissions.

Admin Permissions are available with the Bonusly Pro subscription. To upgrade your account to Pro, visit the billing page. Once you've upgraded, you'll be ready to set up your own Admin Permissions!

Types of Admin Permissions

Finance: Admins with Finance permissions can access the billing page, reward spend, and points earned. *Finance admins are unable to change the subscription information or cancel the account.

Available admin tabs/actions:

Rewards: Admins with Rewards permissions can create and approve custom rewards.

Available admin tabs/actions: 

Tech: Admins with Tech permissions can install and uninstall integrations, create and revoke API keys.

Available admin tabs/actions: 

Global: Admins with global status can access all admin options within Bonusly. 

Global only admin tabs/actions: 

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