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What are the redemption options for former employees?
What are the redemption options for former employees?

Learn about the different features and options for rewards redemption for users who have left your company.

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When an employee leaves a company, deactivation of their account by an admin removes all access to Bonusly. Some users reach out to their admins or to Bonusly directly, requesting access to any remaining points for redemption they have available. 

It is up to each individual company to decide if they would like to allow reward redemption for former employees. If Bonusly is contacted by a former employee requesting access, we direct questions to the company Bonusly administrator. 👍 

The decision is ultimately up to your organization, but here are our best practice recommendations* that you can follow regarding terminated employees seeking to redeem the rewards they earned while using Bonusly with your organization. *You must have Global Permissions to access these features. You can learn more about enabling admin permissions here.

A few common use cases of after-employment access include:

  • Reactivating a user in Bonusly for a set amount of time so they can redeem with their earned points.

  • Reactivating a user in Bonusly so they can give bonuses their points to their coworkers, and/or redeem their earned points.

  • Admin access only: Removing all user access to Bonusly and handling rewards internally via “cashing out” points within the company. For example: As part of a final pay check.

Reactivation & deactivation within the system

A user's profile, including their points and bonus history are never deleted from the system, even if deactivated. For .csv and integration user management, users can be re-activated by an admin at any time and their information is completely restored. 

If an SSO is in place and a user's account has been deactivated, the user cannot access Bonusly anymore. The remaining option for point retrieval is to cash out points internally.  

Here is an article that walks through how to deactivate a user:

Here is an article that walks through how to re-activate a user:

Feature tip: Best practices for using this feature include setting a time frame in which access is granted. For example: Access to the system until 5PM on Friday afternoon.

Restricting access within the system:

When a user is reactivated, they will have their allowance and reward balances available to them. It will be up to you regarding what actions are available to the user. 

Here is an article that walks through how to change a user's mode:

Feature tip: Observer is the most common user mode given to former employees because they are not eligible to give or receive any bonuses*, and can only redeem rewards. *They can still comment on bonuses.

Admin created out-of-system cash-outs:

An alternative to users redeeming their earnings for rewards through Bonusly is to provide a cash-out outside of Bonusly. *If an SSO is in place, and the user's email has been deactivated, out-of-system cash-outs are the only option for earnings retrievals. 

A users remaining points can be found via Users->Earnings under "Include: Archived". For step by step directions, see our Help Center article here.


Will reward balances left by employees be wasted money?

No. Points left in an account do not cost money. Points are only converted into monetary value when they are redeemed for rewards. 

Why would I want to change a user’s mode?

If you would like to allow access to a previous user, but not have them be available for a bonus, you can change their user mode to 'Benefactor'. Benefactor's can give but not receive rewards.

If you would like to allow access to a previous user, but not be available for giving or receiving bonuses, you can change their user mode to 'Observer'. Observers can still redeem points.

What do you mean by "cash out"?

If a user cannot redeem via Bonusly (for example: if there is an SSO in place), companies can choose to give them the value of their points a different way. Balances could be given as a separate ending check, physical gift cards purchased outside of Bonusly, or added to their final paycheck.  

What if a user just wanted to help access rewards that have already redeemed?

Just ask us for help by contacting us at [email protected]. We would be happy to provide the gift card codes for rewards that have already been redeemed! 🎉

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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