The Users > Earnings report is a great tool for budgeting your reward spend. This report shows the total amount of points users have earned from recognition that could be redeemed for cash value. 💵

Admins can access the Users > Earnings report in the admin tools under Users. This report is available for admins with global and finance permissions. Click here for more information on setting admin permissions.

You can filter this report for more specific review including:

By date - You can choose the drop-down menu to choose a recent month or select filter by date to choose a date range

By User- If you want to search for a specific user, choose the filter users button to search by email, name, department, location, and admin permissions

You can also include archived users when filtering your report by clicking Include: archived

Reporting Columns:

  • Lifetime Earnings - Total points earned for a user’s entire time on Bonusly

  • Earnings - Total points earned in the selected time frame

  • Current Rewards Balance - How many points a user has available to redeem Rewards

  • Current Balance in USD - The amount a user’s current Rewards Balance is worth in USD

  • Recognition Received - How many times someone receives recognition in the time frame selected

  • Unique Givers - How many different users have given recognition to each user. Group recognition is not included in this total

As an admin, you will have access to the detail page, which you can get to by clicking on the gray details button. ✨

The detail page shows all of the recognition a user has earned and includes:

  • Recognition details

  • Amount earned in each recognition post

  • User’s earnings balance

Admins can create a balance adjustment and either add or remove points as needed.

If you want to download this report to review and share, click on the export to CSV button to generate a report instantly. 🎉

This is a great tool to help estimate your monthly reward spend and keep track of recognition received to make sure everyone on your team is included.

Questions? Send us a quick note to, we’d be happy to help! 🤗

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