What are Bonusly Awards?

Learn about Automated, Manual, and Claimable Awards available for Bonusly Pro and Core users!

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Bonusly expands company-to-employee recognition capabilities with Automated, Manual, and Claimable Awards! Awards make it easier than ever for companies of all sizes to manage their company-to-employee bonuses, and provide a space for employees to actively pursue goals! Manual and Claimable Awards are a Bonusly Pro feature. You can learn more about Bonusly Pro here

Automated Awards

Automated Awards power the Welcome, Birthday, and Work Anniversary Bots, which automatically give bonuses to employees based on starting dates, birthdays, and work anniversary dates. They can be found under Bonuses > Awards > Automated.

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Manual Awards 

Manual Awards allow you to create company-funded awards that can have a pre-set template to standardize recognition for specific contributions and events or an individualized message to customize feedback for company initiatives and achievements. With the ability to restrict which team members are able to give the award, as well as a budget and allowance, creating Manual Awards to recognize hard work is easier than ever! You can manage and add Manual Awards under Bonuses > Awards > Manual.

Ready to make some Manual Awards for your company? Check out "How to set up Manual Awards?" to get started, and "How to give an Award" to start giving!

Claimable Awards

Claimable awards encourage proactive participation among users, allowing them to advocate for themselves and eliminate the feeling that certain work goes unnoticed. With fixed bonus reasons and amounts, companies can increase recognition for initiatives while streamlining admin work! You can manage and add Claimable Awards under Bonuses > Awards > Claimable.

Ready to set up some Claimable Awards for your company? Check out "How to set up Claimable Awards?" to get started, and "Managing Claimable Awards" to start approving claims!

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