What is a user management integration?

A user management integration will keep your Bonusly user-list in sync with your HRIS. This is a great way to reduce the administrative overhead of your employee recognition program. 

As you add, edit or remove employees in your HRIS, your user management integration will make the corresponding changes in Bonusly. You can even customize which users Bonusly will import from your HRIS, making user management a breeze. 

How does the user management integration connect with my HRIS?

Bonusly is able to integrate with any HRIS that can support report delivery via a flat-file transfer or API. On a high level, the HRIS will make a report available to Bonusly via flat-file transfer to an SFTP server or via API we can programmatically access. The user management integration will access this report once per night and apply any changes to the user information within Bonusly. 

What does the integration process look like? 

1. Get acquainted

Reach out to your Bonusly account manager or support@bonus.ly to get the process started. They'll be able to answer questions about the process and make sure you have all the information you need before moving forward. 

Your Bonusly account manager will also want to connect with your HRIS account manager via email to make sure that your HRIS is compatible with our technical requirements and that they have all the information they need. 

2. Set up the report in your HRIS

To integrate with your HRIS, Bonusly will need a report that looks like this. Only the users who will have an account in Bonusly should appear on this report. Everyone else (like employees on leave or terminated employees) should be omitted. Your HRIS account manager may prepare this report for you, or you may prepare this report yourself. 

We can also add new columns, like sublocation or subdepartment, to this sheet. Just let your Bonusly account manager know about any new columns you want to include. 

Once the report is complete, send a test file to your Bonusly account manager to make sure the report will be compatible with Bonusly. 

3. Set up the report transfer

Your HRIS account manager will need to set up automated reporting services either via flat-file transfer or API.  

If integrating via flat-file transfer, please send a CSV with the filename “Bonusly_Export_YYYYMMDD.csv” nightly. We can provide SFTP server and credentials, or we can use ones provided by the HRIS. 

If integrating via API, we will need the necessary credentials and endpoints to access the API. 

4. Set up the integration in Bonusly

Once the report access is finalized, your Bonusly account manager will work with the Bonusly product team to get the integration live. Your Bonusly account manager will reach out once it’s up and running! 

Note: As these integrations are built specifically for your account, we may be able to be flexible on some of the requirements above. Just ask your Bonusly customer success manager and we’ll try our best to accommodate any exceptions. 

What does a user management integration cost? 

To set up a user management integration, you’ll need to be a Pro subscriber first. You can learn more about Bonusly Pro here. Your Bonusly account manager will be able to answer any questions about Bonusly Pro and provide pricing for a custom user management integration.  

Your HRIS vendor may charge an additional setup fee and/or recurring fee for the integration. Reach out to your account manager at your HRIS to learn more about any potential costs. 

Interested in setting this integration up?

Contact your customer success manager to get started!

In need of technical support?

For technical help please contact support@bonus.ly. 

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