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In this article, you will learn how to add the Bonusly bot to Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat) and remove it from Google Chat. When you add the Bonusly bot to Google Chat, it will announce new recognition posts and allow you to give recognition!Β 

Note: Your organization will need Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for the bot feature to be available.

Adding the Bonusly bot to Google Chat

To set up the Google Chat Bonusly integration, go to and select the Space you want the Bonusly bot to be active in. Add the Bonusly bot to one of your Spaces using one of the following methods:

First method:

  1. With the Space selected, type in '@bonusly' in the chat field

  2. Click 'Add to Space'

    In the chat field of the specific Space selected, typing in @bonusly so the bot appears automatically and then selecting 'Add to space' to officially get it added.
  3. '@Bonusly' will be hyperlinked in blue; click enter or the send icon button

    Once the @Bonusly text is hyperlinked as blue, click enter or the send icon in order to be prompted to add the bot.
  4. A prompt will pop up asking if you want to add the bot to the space; click 'Add to space'

    Prompt showing up asking to add bot to the space and you will click add to space via button on bottom right.
  5. The Bonusly bot is now added to your Space!

Second method:

  1. With the Space selected, click on the plus icon next to the Spaces menu

    Click on the plus icon and selecting find a bot in the dropdown menu to start searching for a bot to add.
  2. Select 'Find a bot' and a pop-up modal will appear

  3. Type 'bonusly' in the search menu and click enter to find the Bonusly bot

    Typing in bonusly and clicking enter for the Bonusly bot to appear and then clicking 'add' to begin process of adding to a space.
  4. Click 'add' next to the Bonusly bot name and select 'add to space'

    After searching for Bonusly in the find a bot feature, clicking on Add and Add to space.
  5. Select the Space you want to add the Bonusly bot to

    Selecting what Space the Bonusly bot will be applied to and then clicking on 'Add' to make it official.
  6. The Bonusly bot is now added to your Space!

There you go! The bot is now in your room! You can add the Bonusly bot to as many Google Chat rooms as you would like. πŸ‘Β 

The Bonusly bot posting in the chat of the Space now that it has been added.

Removing the Bonusly bot

To remove the Bonusly bot from any Google Space, click on the dropdown arrow at the top of the page next to the Space name and member count. From the dropdown menu, click View members:

Indicating the Spaces name being selected to engaged a dropdown menu where 'View Members' can be selected to view members and make changes.

Select the "Apps" tab:

Click on the three vertical dots icon on the right side of the Bonusly app and click Remove from space from that menu:Β 

Clicking on the three vertical dots icon and clicking on remove from space to remove the Bonusly bot as a member of the Space.

That's it! πŸŽ‰ The Bonusly bot will stop posting and you won't be able to bring up the bot to ask for help or give recognition in that room.

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