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Integrating Bonusly with Slack

Learn how to install our Slack integration!

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Integrating Bonusly with Slack allows users to give bonuses directly from Slack and enables announcements of bonuses, birthdays, anniversaries, and donations in the Slack feed! It only takes a few minutes, and then your team will be set to interact with Bonusly from the comfort of their daily workflow. 

This article will cover how to integrate with Slack and add/remove the channels Bonusly announces in.

Important notes before you get started:

  1. To connect successfully, the person who installs the integration must be an admin in Bonusly and Slack.

  2. All users must have the same email in Bonusly and Slack to sync successfully between the two tools.

  3. The integration can only work within one workspace, and the connected channel(s) must be in that workspace.

Integrating with Slack

First, head over to the Integrations page by clicking your profile in the top right corner of the home page and click the manage admin settings button.

Then click into your Compnays tab on the right and then you will find the integrations tab.

Choose the Slack Integration:

Then, click the 'Add to Slack' button:

Next, enter your team's Slack domain:

Click the 'Continue' button:

If prompted, sign into your Slack account by entering your email address and password, then click 'Sign In.'

Pro tip: For the app to work correctly, the email address entered into Slack must match the user's email address in Bonusly.

Select the channel to which you would like notifications to post.


Here, I've selected our #recognition channel. Then, click the green 'Allow' button.

That's it! Your integration is all set!

Ready to learn how to use our Bonusly + Slack integration? Head to our Using the Bonusly + Slack Integration article to learn more!

Adding a Slack channel:

Bonusly, we will post in Slack rooms based on the users in that room, so it can be team- or department-specific. To add a Slack channel, head to your Slack integration page and select the "Add New Channel" button: 

Choose the new channel you would like to give Bonusly access to, and then select the green "Allow" button:

A green notification will then let you know if the new channel has been added successfully: 

Removing a Slack channel: 

To remove Bonusly from a Slack channel, go to the Slack integration page and select the red "Remove" button. In this example, Bonusly is being removed from the #general channel.

A pop-up will confirm that this is the channel you want to remove: 

All done! The channel has been removed, and Bonusly will no longer post or announce.


Hang on a second... my 'Authorize' button never turned green. Now, what do I do? 

If your 'Authorize' button remains grey, this could mean that you need permission through Slack to add integrations. Check with your company's Slack administrator to ensure you have the appropriate permissions.

I definitely have permission to add integrations on Slack, but the button is still grey. 

Try exiting the integration page and then retrying the installation. Make sure that the entire page loads before entering any information or selecting the channel.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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