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The Bonusly integration with Zapier enables users to connect Bonusly to 1,000+ other web services. By setting up “Zaps”, you can automate your workflows and day-to-day tasks to recognize co-workers instantaneously for their hard work. 🎉 In this article you'll learn what great Bonusly + Zapier options are available, and how to set up our integration quickly, and easily!

The Bonusly "Zap" options:

 “Zaps” are integrations with other Zapier partners. They perform an action in one app when a trigger event occurs in another. 

The Bonusly triggers are: 

  • New Bonuses

  • New Achievements

Any time a new bonus or a new achievement happens in Bonusly, you can trigger an action to take place in another integration. For example: If you use the "New Bonus" trigger with the action "New Post in Feed" by Chatter (a Salesforce collaboration platform), you could make an announcement in Chatter whenever a new bonus is earned. 

The Bonusly actions are: 

  • Give Bonus

  • Give Bonus from Text (advanced)

Any time a trigger takes place in an integration that you would like to reward, you can set up an action in Bonusly to give a bonus. For example: If you use the "New Event Matching Search" trigger by Google Calendar with Bonusly's "Give Bonus" action, you could give a bonus each time a specific type of event is created, such as a sales call. 

Integrating Bonusly with Zapier

Now that you know what great Zaps can be made with Zapier + Bonusly, let's set up your integration! Here is a quick step-by-step guide, so you can start Zapping!

  1. First, make sure you are logged in to both Bonusly and Zapier, and go to "Connected Accounts": 

2. Search for “Bonusly”, and select it from the dropdown menu: 

This will trigger another window to open, asking for permission for Zapier to use your Bonusly account. Select "Authorize":

3. Zapier and Bonusly are now connected! 🎉  You're ready to set up some Zaps!

  • Want examples of Bonusly Zaps you can try? Go to Zapier’s Bonusly Zapbook to explore Bonusly Zap options! You can explore what automations are available with Bonusly and other apps, or start using popular examples of Bonusly Zaps that are already occurring. 👍 


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