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Using the Bonusly + Slack Integration
Using the Bonusly + Slack Integration

Learn how to use our Slack integration.

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To use Bonusly in Slack, your company's admin will need to add the Bonusly Slack app.

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How do I give a bonus in Slack?

There are two main ways to give recognition directly in Slack after you have integrated Bonusly with Slack.

Using the Bonusly App within Slack

Once you have Bonusly integrated with Slack, you will see Bonusly in your list of apps under 'Apps.' Click on "Bonusly" to begin giving recognition.

Clicking on the Bonusly app within Slack on the left-hand side of the Slack menu.

Slack will bring up the Bonusly Slack app menu where you can give recognition, claim awards, and get rewards with the click of a button!

Next, click on Give recognition:

Click on Give recognition in order to show the pop-up where you can fill in all the fields to give recognition.

A pop-up will appear to start building your recognition post. Complete each field with your recognition information:

Pro tip: If your user name in Slack is different than your user name in Bonusly, you will need to search for people by their Slack name within Slack in order to give recognition.

All the fields to give recognition in the Bonusly App in Slack, requiring fields like amount, recipient(s), message, hashtag, and GIF (optional).

When you're ready to send the recognition, select the green Submit button, and that’s it! The recognition will now post in Slack, and also on Bonusly. 🎉

Using the /give function in Slack

Click on any channel or Direct Message (DM) and type in /give and then return. We recommend writing in to the channel you have tied the Bonusly recognition feed to. This method is great for if you know all the pieces you have to add before you can post, allowing you to type your own recognition with little help.

The syntax to use to build your recognition is: /give +points @person for reason #hashtag

GIF showing all the recognition syntax needed to post your recognition, including /give command, number of points, who you're giving to, the reason, and at least one hashtag.

After submitting, you will see an immediate response when using the /give command, showing the text you originally inputted. 🙌

Showing a submitted recognition with immediate feedback along with a post successful post message.

A successful response message will show when the recognition posts. Unsuccessful messages will show reasons for why, such as missing info.

Now your recognition post will show in the Bonusly app as well as within Slack! 🎉

Bonus Received Notifications:

How will you know if you've received recognition? The Bonusly Slack app will tell you! 

The Bonusly Slack app is a private Direct Message (DM) located in the Recent Apps section of your Slack dashboard. This DM is where you’ll receive notifications when you receive recognition or an add-on to a recognition post when you earn an achievement, and if you’re on Bonusly Connect when your teammates have birthdays and work anniversaries.

The Home tab makes it easy to give recognition, claim awards and get rewards. 

The Messages tab allows you to see a feed of all of the recognition you've received, in chronological order!

How to add-on to a recognition post from Slack:

Want to add-on to a recognition post in Slack? Just click on the "Want to comment or add on?" option at the end of the recognition post in Slack. This will take you to Bonusly where you can add on to the recognition. Once posted on Bonusly, it will post in Slack as well!


What recognition can you give in Slack?

  • You can give a direct recognition and a group recognition in Slack. Add-on recognition needs to be given from the Bonusly website.

What channels can I give recognition in? 

  • You are able to give recognition from any channel within Slack, even in DM chats! Recognition notifications will post to the Apps page in the Bonusly Slack App and the channel(s) that your admin has determined.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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