Seamlessly utilize Bonusly inside of Slack with the Bonusly + Slack integration! With our integration you can give and receive bonuses right in the Slack feed, allowing your team to build recognition into their current workflow.

To use Bonusly in Slack, your company's admin will need to install the integration

How do I give a bonus in Slack?:

To give a bonus in Slack, simply use the /give  command to start the process. Slack will show you the format to use in order to give a Bonus.: 

The bonus formula has five components. 

  1. /give : How to notify Slack that you want to give a bonus.
  2. +points : Enter the amount of points you would like to bonus.
  3. @user: Identify the person(s) you'd like to bonus.
  4.  Reason for bonus : This is where you so your appreciation! The best bonus reasons are specific and results-focused.
  5. #hashtag : Attach the company value hashtag that best represents your co-worker's hard work.

All together, the formula looks like: 

/give +points @user Reason for bonus #hashtag 

When typed out as an actual bonus, it will read like this:

/give +10 @Ben for painting the Bubble bot. It looks so great! #help-out 

When you're ready to send the bonus, hit "enter"! The bonus will now post in Slack, and also on Bonusly. 🎉 

Bonus Received Notifications:

How will you know if you've received a bonus? Slackbot will tell you! 

The Slackbot is a private Direct Message (DM). This DM is where you will be notified of all incoming bonuses you've received, as well as add-on bonuses. 

This allows you to see a feed of all of the bonuses you've received, in chronological order!

How to add-on to a bonus from Slack:

Want to add-on to a bonus in Slack? Simply click on the "Add on to this bonus?" option at the end of the bonus. This will take you to Bonusly where you can add on to the bonus. Once posted on Bonusly, it will post in Slack as well!

How to ask for help: 

If you need to be reminded of the bonus formula, type /give help  in any channel. Slack will give you the bonus formula, and a short list of some of the users you can give to:

If you would like the full user list, type /give users and Slack will provide you with the full list of of your coworkers! 🎉 

*Don’t worry, these messages are private, so they won’t appear on a public feed.

If you cannot remember the give formula, that's okay! 

If you try to give a bonus and are missing part of the formula, Slack will send a message for your eyes only about what needs to be added/edited:


What bonuses can you give in Slack?

  • You can give a direct bonus and a group bonus in Slack. Add-on bonuses need to be given from the Bonusly website.

What channels can I give bonuses in? 

  • You are able to give a bonus from any channel within Slack, even in DM chats! Bonus notifications will only post to the channel(s) that your admin has determined.

Why am I seeing Slack channels instead of company values when I type in the "#"?

  • Slack uses hashtags to tag different channels. Our integration cannot over-ride this. Users will need to type out hashtags in full (ex: "#go-get-results"). If you can't remember how a hashtag is spelled/spaced, type "/give help" and a prompt will populate with all of your options. You can then type out your /give formula and copy/paste from the help prompt. 👍 

Still need help giving a bonus through Slack? Just send us an email at and we'll help you out!

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