Integrating Bonusly with AXOMO

Reward your employees (and yourself!) with hassle-free swag!

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When you connect your company’s AXOMO store to the Bonusly Reward Catalog, your employees can redeem their Bonusly points for company swag they’ll love. 🎉

Who can manage this feature?

🧑‍🔧 Global Admins

💼 Pro and custom customers

To upgrade your account to Pro, go to your billing page and view your subscription plan. Once you've upgraded, you'll be ready to set up your AXOMO integration. 🔀

Getting started ⚙️

First, make sure that you have set up your company’s AXOMO store. An existing swag store with AXOMO is needed for the integration to connect to your Bonusly Rewards Catalog. If you don’t have an existing AXOMO account, please reach out to your Bonusly Rep, or [email protected], for a referral to our partners at AXOMO!

When you’re ready to connect to Bonusly, you’ll need to be an admin in both accounts. Learn more about setting Bonusly admin permissions in this article.

Setting up the integration 🛠

Once your AXOMO store is set up, you’ll want to make sure that the security plugin is turned on for your company’s AXOMO account. You’ll find this in your AXOMO Admin tools > Store Design> Plugins.

Select Bonusly from the Plugin options and click the Save button. Now you’re ready to sync your account using the Bonusly integration. 🤩

Note: The Axomo Plugin step needs to be done before you can connect to the Bonusly integration. An error will appear if this has not been completed. 👇

Next, head over to the Bonusly integration page. Scroll down until you see the AXOMO integration icon and click it!

Once you’ve clicked the AXOMO icon, a new page will open up for you to connect your store to your Bonusly Reward Catalog.

If you already have an AXOMO store, you can skip to step 2. Enter your AXOMO store name into the Store Name field and click on the Connect to AXOMO button.

The status section will turn green and say Connected letting you know your set up in complete! 🤩

Your AXOMO catalog is now synced with Bonusly and will be available in your Reward Catalog! Your team can now redeem their Bonusly points for their favorite company items! 🔥

❗️Important: Only active catalog items will appear in your Company Store in Bonusly. If items are marked as 'coming soon' or 'out of stock' in AXOMO, they will not transfer into Bonusly.


What is swag with AXOMO?

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How do I redeem swag with my Bonusly points?

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