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Redeem swag with your Bonusly points!
Redeem swag with your Bonusly points!

Learn how to cash in your Bonusly points for company-branded swag in your Reward Catalog!

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With the Bonusly > AXOMO integration, you can spend the points you receive from your teammates on swag items that you love! Ready to redeem? It's easy and only takes a few minutes. 🎉

Who can use this feature?

🧑‍🔧 All users

💼 The AXOMO integration for your company must be turned on for access to swag

Finding swag in your catalog

On your Bonusly Home feed, start by clicking on the Pick a reward button under your Rewards Balance to connect to the Reward Catalog. The Rewards Balance is the total number of points you have available to redeem. 👀

You can also connect to your Reward Catalog by clicking on Rewards in your toolbar.

If your company is using the AXOMO swag integration, the store name will be added to your catalog once the integration is connected.

There’s 3 ways to find items in your catalog: 🔎

  1. Use the Jump to Category list to find your company store

  2. Scroll down on the catalog page to the name of your company store

  3. Search for specific swag items using the Search bar at the top of the page

When you search for an item, the detail page will pop up with more information on the item for review.

Redeeming for swag

When you’re ready to redeem an item, select the item from the catalog tiles on the catalog page.

Next, you’ll see an overview of the item including how many points are needed to redeem.

Note: Depending on the configuration of your company’s store, additional fees may apply and are not reflected in the total amount here.

Click View Item, to customize your order in your company’s AXOMO account.

Note: Once you click on View Item, you are leaving Bonusly and will be ordering your item through AXOMO. Your Bonusly points will not be used until you finish the entire order process and complete your order through AXOMO.

Customizing your order

Now that you’ve picked your swag, you can select a color and size as well as choose the quantity for your order. 🤩

Once customization is complete, add your item to your cart to check out!

Your cart will let you review your items before purchasing. When you’re ready to check out click Proceed to Checkout. ↖️

Continue with the checkout process by updating your information for:

  • Shipping Address

  • Shipping Method

  • Payment Method

On the payment method page, you can choose to pay for your swag item with Bonusly points, credit card, or bank account. If you do not have enough Bonusly points to cover the entire purchase, you can split the cost with another payment method.

Click on the Apply button to pay for your purchase with your Bonusly points. 👏

Click on Accept to review your order before submitting your purchase. ✅

When you’re ready to submit your order click on the Place Order button. Once you submit your order any Bonusly points used for purchased will reflect in your Rewards Balance.

You’re all set! Your order has been placed with AXOMO and you will receive a confirmation email to the address connected to your Bonusly account. ✨

For questions regarding your order, please contact AXOMO directly at [email protected].


Why can’t I find swag in my catalog?

Swag with AXOMO is an integration with Bonusly. Your company needs to set up this integration for swag items to be available.

Why is the cost different during check out with AXOMO than what was listed in the catalog?

The pricing listed in your Bonusly Reward Catalog does not reflect all potential costs such as taxes and additional fees. The price may be different based on these amounts.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are handled by AXOMO. Please contact their support team for more information at [email protected].

Are my Bonusly points refundable?

Bonusly points spent on swag are non-refundable; however, you have multiple opportunities to change you mind about using your points before submitting your order.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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