You can spend the points you receive from your colleagues on items from your company's reward catalog. Ready to redeem? It's easy and only takes a couple of seconds. 🎉

Let's run through a quick example:

I've received points (or Ham Bones) from my colleagues at Bonusly Pack and I want to spend some of them on a reward. I'll start by clicking 'pick a reward.'

Once I click 'Pick a reward', I'm taken to my company's Reward Catalog. Let's pick an Amazon gift card:

Next, it's time to choose an amount. I'll choose $5, which costs 50 Ham Bones:

Review the information in the popup. If it looks good, click 'Yes, I'm sure':

Bonusly fulfills the reward automatically (it usually only takes a few seconds):

Once it's done, this screen will appear. You can click the big button to learn how to claim your new card. An email will also be sent to you with a link as well. 👍 All gift cards are electronic, and redemption notifications will be emailed to you. 

Follow the directions on the next page to use your gift card, and you're done. Enjoy your new reward!  🎉 

How can I find a reward I already redeemed for?

If you ever want to look back and see your previous rewards, you can head over to this page:

Just click the "Claim" button beneath any reward you want to see. Or, if it's a custom reward, click "View."

Can't find your reward, or have additional questions? Check out the article "Where is my reward?" for help!

Problem with a reward? Still can't figure out how to redeem? Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll be glad to help!

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