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How to redeem an Amazon gift card
How to redeem an Amazon gift card

Learn how to cash out your Bonusly points for an Amazon gift card!

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Accessing the Reward Catalog

Ok, you've saved up your Bonusly points and now you're ready to cash out for an Amazon gift card. So what's the next step?

You can start by heading to your company Reward Catalog in Bonusly to select the reward you'd like to redeem. It's quick and easy and you'll be adding items to your cart in a flash! ⚑️

In the Reward Catalog, you can search for Amazon using the search toolbar at the top of the page or find it using the Jump to Category menu on the right. When you click on the Amazon tile, a new redemption box will appear under the Jump to Category section. πŸ‘€

Redeeming your gift card

Next, select the amount you'd like to redeem by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the redemption box. The amounts listed will update based on how many points you have available to redeem.

Once you've selected the amount you'd like to cash in, click the Redeem button.

You'll see a notification pop up checking to confirm you'd like to redeem the amount chosen. πŸ›‘

❗️Important: Amazon gift cards cannot be refunded. Please make sure to check the amount before confirming! If you decide you don't want to redeem, click the cancel button and no points will be used from your earnings balance.

If the information looks correct, click Yes, I'm sure to generate your access code.

Copy and paste the red code. You'll need the code in a minute to connect your redemption to your Amazon account.

Click on the Claim my Amazon card button and you'll be directed to log in to your Amazon account.

Updating your Amazon account

Here is where you need that access code you copied earlier! Once you have logged into your Amazon account, paste the code into the claim code field. Then click the Apply to your balance button. πŸ”₯

Presto! Your gift card balance will update with the redeemed amount! πŸ™Œ

That's it, you're all set. Happy shopping! ✨

Redeeming outside of North America

Are you redeeming outside of North America? If so, you will go through the same process in your Bonusly Catalog to redeem an Amazon gift card. When you confirm the redemption you'll receive an 8-digit security code and be directed to a secure page where you'll need to enter this original code to get access to your Amazon gift card code. Once you have your Amazon gift card code, follow the remaining steps to update your Amazon account. 🌏

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