When you redeem a reward that uses Charity on Top as the provider, it turns into a gift card which you'll successfully be able to redeem your reward by taking the following steps:

  1. On the Rewards page under donations, find and select the charity you want to use your Bonusly points for - we will use Direct Relief in this example

  2. Select the amount and click 'Donate'

    Clicking on Donate to redeem a donation reward.

  3. Click on 'Yes, I'm sure' if/when you are ready to donate to the charity you've selected

    Clicking Yes I'm sure to confirm the redeeming of a reward.

  4. A loading screen will appear to process the reward redemption

    Loading screen saying Sit tight while the reward redemption is processing.

  5. Once completed your donation a summary will show up. Click to claim the reward (you can always view rewards you've redeemed using 'My Rewards' on the top-right hand side in Bonusly)

    A successful redemption will lead to a a summary page of the reward with the ability to Claim the reward. It should be clicked to redeem.

  6. You'll be taken to Charity on Top's website to finalize the reward redemption.

    NOTE: Make sure to copy the card number and then click on 'Go to charityontop.org'

    The Charity on Top website the claim link takes you to, which shows the card number you should copy along with the Charity on Top website url to go to: charityontop.org.

  7. On the Charity on Top website, click on the 'Redeem' button on the top navigation menu

    On the Charity on Top website, click the Redeem button on the top navigation menu.

  8. Enter in the card number you copied and click on the '+' icon

    Enter in the card number and select the plus icon button to proceed.

  9. A pop-up will appear letting you know the gift card is ready to redeem; click 'Redeem Now'

    Clicking on redeem now to start redeeming the gift card.

  10. Share your information for the gift card (optional) then click 'yes' or 'no'

    Modal pop up asking for optional first name, last name, email, and notes information in which you can share the information with the charity. You'll click yes or no.

  11. You'll be taken to the charity's page where you can type in and search for the organization you wanted to donate to originally in Bonusly; in this example, we are searching for Direct Relief

    Typing in the charity you want to donate to in the Charities page.

  12. When you've found the charity, click on the 'Use Your Gift Card' button

    Clicking on use your gift card button when you find the charity you want to donate to with the gift card.

  13. Select the amount you want to use from the gift card or select the option to use the full amount of the gift card then click 'Continue'

    Selecting the amount you want to use, including a portion or the entire gift card balance and clicking continue to proceed.

  14. You'll be prompted one more time with a summary to review; click on 'Redeem' if everything looks good

    Clicking on redeem if all information looks good for the donation.

  15. A pop-up will appear letting you know that you've redeemed successfully!

    A summary success page will show saying thank you and the donation to benefit the charity you selected was successful.

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