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Learn how Bonusly can increase employee engagement and support your bottom line.

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According to Gallup, companies with high levels of employee engagement are 23% more profitable than companies with low engagement. That makes employee engagement vital to your bottom line as well as your workplace culture.

If you’re wondering whether recognition can improve your company’s bottom line, consider these statistics:

  • 54% of employees have left a job due to lack of appreciation.

  • Disengaged employees cost their organizations 34% of their annual salary.

  • Companies with engaged employees are more profitable by 23%.

  • Employees who feel trusted and supported by their manager are more engaged by 3.4x.

  • Companies with engaged employees financially outperform their competitors by 147%.

  • Profits increase by 21% as a result of engaged workers’ higher productivity.

On average, companies spend more than twice the value of an annual salary to fill highly-skilled roles. (If you’re not sure how much turnover costs your company every year, try our Cost of Turnover Calculator.)

Bonusly builds high-performing cultures by delivering an employee recognition and rewards solution that amplifies wins, connects teams, and shares insights. The result? Employees love where they work, are engaged, and deliver business results that drive your company forward. We'll let our customers do the talking:

Bonusly connects remote teams

"Bonusly is core to our recognition program and a thoughtful way to connect the work of our employees to the value they deliver for our customers. Especially in a time without offices, Bonusly helps ensure employee efforts are visible and that they feel appreciated." - Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer, Momentive

Bonusly saves time

“I used to spend up to five hours a week managing points and rewards manually. Today, I spend next to no time on the process, apart from the time I spend recognizing others myself. Bonusly has lifted an enormous burden from my shoulders." - Daniel McAdams, President, Andiamo

Bonusly increases engagement

"We’ve seen a 15% increase in recognition sentiment in our employee engagement survey." - Gabi Tofani, Talent Management Lead, Nexthink

Bonusly supports growth

"Our sales team had established norms for celebrating in Slack when they close deals, so they continued doing shout-outs that way when we went remote. But other teams didn't have those traditions in place, so the majority of individual contributions weren't getting recognized or surfaced to the whole organization. I saw that Bonusly could address both of these concerns. It was a really impactful tool for us to adopt while we were remote and needing new ways to engage with one another." - Lindsey Kampmeier, VP of People & Culture, Ordermark

Bonusly improves retention

"Since implementing Bonusly, we've seen improvements in turnover and employee engagement across our organization. To date, we've seen just over a 50% increase in retention." - Jamelyn Cotton, Group Vice President Human Resources, Marmon Foodservice Technologies

Bonusly takes the guesswork out of reward equity

"The accounting department really likes Bonusly because we can distribute rewards quickly without the headache of ensuring we have the right amount in the correct currency. We have integrations set up so it's pretty seamless and self-sustaining." - Gabi Tofani, Talent Management Lead, Nexthink

Bonusly improves collaboration

"Bonusly helped us increase cross-departmental recognition, which has had a major impact on collaboration throughout the company." - Kate Ciechomski, Program Manager, Recognition & New Hire Success, Toast

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