It's time to start bonusing from the comfort of your own workflow! The Bonusly integration with Microsoft Teams enables users to give bonuses inside of Teams. 🎉 Our friendly Bonusly Bot posts bonuses for you, and helps out if you have any questions! First, you'll want to make sure that the Microsoft Teams integration is installed and set to the proper channel. You can find those instructions here

Giving a bonus through Microsoft Teams:

There are two ways to give a bonus through Microsoft Teams; by directly messaging the Bonusly Bot, or through the announcement channel.

Giving a bonus by directly messaging the Bonusly Bot

To give a bonus by messaging the Bot, you only need 4 components:

  1. +amount-of-points : Enter the amount of points you would like to bonus.

  2. @user-you're-bonusing : Identify who(m) you'd like to bonus.

  3.  Reason for bonus : This is how you show your appreciation!

  4. #don't-forget-the-hashtag : Share the company value that is best embodied by your co-workers' hard work. 

All together, the formula looks like: 

+amount-of-points @user Reason for bonus #don't-forget-the-hashtag


When typed out as an actual bonus, it will read like this:

+10 @dan for a great MS integration! #ms

When you're ready to send the bonus, hit "enter"! You will receive a notification from the Bonusly Bot that your bonus has gone through, and it will let you know how many points you have left in your monthly allowance:

Giving a bonus through the announcement channel:

When you give a bonus in the announcement channel, you have to prompt the Bonusly bot by typing “@Bonusly” and selecting the Bot, like so: 

Once you’ve notified the Bonusly Bot that you're talking to it, you can type in the details of your bonus. All together, the formula for the announcement channel looks like: 

@Bonusly +amount-of-points @user Reason for bonus #don't-forget-the-hashtag

 When typed out as an actual bonus, it reads like this:

@Bonusly +10 @dan for a great MS integration! #ms

When you're ready to send the bonus, hit "enter"! The bonus will now post in your company's announcement channel, and also on the Bonusly website. 🎉 

Meeting the Bonusly Bot:

The Bonusly Bot is here to help! You can speak to it in your Direct Message for help on writing a bonus, and it always guides you if something isn't quite right about your bonus format. 👍 

What's the formula? 

Prompt help if you’re not sure what the format is: 

Who can I bonus?
Prompt users to search for who you can give bonuses to: 

Did I give the bonus correctly?

If your bonus is incorrect, the Bot will tell you what went wrong! 

That's it! You’re all set, and ready to give bonuses in Microsoft Teams! 🎉  


Why won't the Bonusly Bot come up with the username prompt when I type "@" in our Direct Message? It gives me that prompt in the announcement channel.
The Bonusly Bot tells you which users are in the room, and are therefore available to give a bonus to. When you are in the Direct Message with the Bonusly bot, you are the only user in the chat. Don't worry though! If you enter the prompt “users”, the Bonusly Bot will give your teammates names, so you’ll be able to make sure you have the correct username for your bonus! 👍 

Why can everyone see my allowance balance when I give a bonus from the announcement channel?
The Bonusly + Microsoft Teams integration is set up so teams can bring Bonusly seamlessly into their workflows. In order to achieve that, we provide users with their balance every time they give a bonus. This reduces the need to go to the Bonusly website to check allowance balance availability. If you do not want your allowance balance public, you can give a bonus in your Direct Message with the Bonusly Bot. 

Questions? Contact us at! We’d be happy to help!

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