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Upgrading the Bonusly app in Microsoft Teams
Upgrading the Bonusly app in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to upgrade to the latest version of Bonusly's Microsoft Teams integration!

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Experience the latest version of Bonusly's Microsoft Teams integration! If you don't already have the Bonusly app added, use our Integrating Bonusly with Microsoft Teams article to get set up.

If you previously added Bonusly's Microsoft Teams integration, make sure the app is upgraded to experience the latest features! 🙌

Upgrading the Bonusly App

Typically, upgrades and updates to integration apps will happen in the background of Microsoft Teams.

You can check what version you have by going to the Bonusly app in Microsoft Teams and clicking on "About."

About section selected within the Bonusly app in Microsoft Teams, showing what version is listed in the description.

If the upgrade is not automatic, there are a few ways to help with getting the app to the latest version!

Upgrade prompt

When you click on the Bonusly app in Microsoft Teams, you may see an overlay banner message pop up stating a "New version of Bonusly is available and needs new permissions." Click on the "Upgrade" button on the right side of the message to upgrade.

Clicking into the Bonusly app in Microsoft Teams to see if a Upgrade pop up message shows up to upgrade app.

Go to manage apps

If you click into your particular team in Microsoft Teams where Bonusly is integrated and click on the "Apps" section, you should see all the apps associated to your particular team. Click on the "Update" button next to the Bonusly app.

Going to manage apps in Microsoft Teams and finding the apps list to see if the Bonusly app has the Update button to upgrade app.

Manually upgrading

If you're not finding prompts to upgrade the app, don't worry! You can still search for the Bonusly app through Microsoft Teams' apps store to upgrade. 👍

  1. Select the "Apps" icon located on the bottom left-side of the navigation menu

Apps section of Microsoft Teams, clicking on the Apps icon on the bottom left and locating the search box to type in the app you are searching for.

2. On the apps page, type “Bonusly” and click on the app

Typing in "Bonusly" into the search box in order to pull up the Bonusly app within Microsoft Teams to add.

3. Click “Upgrade” to start using the newest version of the Bonusly app.

Clicking on the Bonusly app in the app store to expand to a description to find the Upgrade button to upgrade app.

And that's it! Once you've upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Teams, you can start experiencing all the awesome features!


What can I do if I've upgraded to the latest version and am still not seeing any new features like the giving modal?

It's possible new permissions still need to be accepted for the latest app version as it may have been skipped or not displayed by Microsoft. To resolve, go to Teams Admin Center > Manage Apps > Bonusly > Permissions > Review Org wide permissions > Accept new permissions

Find out more on the latest ways to give recognition within Microsoft Teams in our Using the Bonusly Microsoft Teams Integration to give recognition article!

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