Integrating Bonusly with Microsoft Teams

Learn how to install our Microsoft Teams integration!

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- Admins (who are global Teams admins) ๐ŸŽ‰

- Connect Accounts ๐Ÿ’ผ

In this article:

The Bonusly integration for Microsoft Teams enables users to interact with Bonusly from the comfort of their daily workflow. With this integration, you can view recognition, achievement, and donation announcements directly in Teams! ๐Ÿ™Œ This article will show you how to integrate and set up your Microsoft Teams integration so you can give recognition!

Important notes before you get started:

  1. To connect successfully, the person who installs the integration must be an admin in Bonusly and Teams. Step 5 will require a global Teams admin.

  2. All users must have the exact same email in Bonusly and Teams to sync between the two tools successfully.

  3. The integration can only work within one team.

Installing the Bonusly App:

  1. Log into Microsoft Teams, and select the "Apps" icon located on the bottom left side of the navigation menuย 

Apps section of Microsoft Teams, clicking on the Apps icon on the bottom left and locating the search box to type in the app you are searching for.

2. On the apps page, type โ€œBonuslyโ€ and click on the app

Typing in "Bonusly" into the search box in order to pull up the Bonusly app within Microsoft Teams to add.

3. Click โ€œAdd to a team.โ€

4. Select the team you would like to install the Bonusly app on. The app will only be available to the channels in the selected team, and only users with access to that particular team can use it to give recognition.

When clicking "Add to a team" you can select what channel you want Bonusly activity to show up and once determined, can select the "Set up a bot" button to add.

The bot will send a private Direct Message to welcome you, where you can give recognition, ask for help, or see what users you can recognize!ย ๐ŸŽ‰

The welcome message a user receives when adding the Bonusly bot into Microsoft Teams, which directs them to start giving recognition.

You can interact with the bot on any channel, but doing so on the announcement channel will be visible to everyone.ย 

5. Doublecheck the Bonusly appโ€™s permissions in your Teams Admin Center to confirm proper installation. The app should have org-wide permissions. For more info on setting org-wide permissions for apps, please visit Microsoft's help article.

Changing your Microsoft Teams channel within Bonusly Integrations after initial setup:

If you have already added the Bonusly bot to your team inside Microsoft Teams and need to change what specific channel the recognition activity points to, you can do so within Bonusly!

  1. First, go to Integrations > Microsoft Teams in Bonusly:ย 


  2. Then, select which channel inside your Microsoft Teams integration you want to be the "Announcement Channel." This is where all of the Bonusly activity will appear.

Hit "Save," and that's it! ๐ŸŽ‰ The Microsoft Teams integration is set up and ready to go!
โ€‹Are you ready to give recognition? Learn more in our article "Using the Bonusly Microsoft Teams Integration to give recognition!"

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