Automated Awards are handy little droids that automatically dole out bonuses to your teammates. No more worrying about forgetting a birthday or anniversary! Automatic bonuses will appear in the main feed, which allows the rest of your team to hop in on the celebration. 🎉 

Currently, we offer three types of Automated Awards:

  1. Welcome Award: Introduce and welcome new teammates by rewarding them for making the very smart decision to join your team. The Welcome Award is included as part of our core functionality. 

  1. Work Anniversary Award: Celebrate all of the successes your teammate has contributed to your company during their tenure. The Work Anniversary Award is included with Bonusly Pro. Learn more about Bonusly Pro.

  1. Birthday Award: Thank your teammate for all of the great contributions they make by wishing them a happy birthday. The Birthday Award is included with Bonusly Pro. Learn more about Bonusly Pro

The Automated Welcome Award comes included with the Bonusly Core Plan. Birthday, Work Anniversary, and Manual Awards are included with Bonusly Pro. 

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