Adding birthdays and hire dates

Adding in your users' birthdays and hire dates will let them receive automated bonuses from our Automated Awards

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Our Automated Birthday Award and Automated Anniversary Award make it easy for your team to share your congratulations as your teammates make another trip around the sun. ๐ŸŽ‚

In order to use the Automated Birthday and Anniversary Awards, you'll have to first add birthdays and hire dates for your users. It's easy to add birthdays and hire dates for both new and existing users, whether you're managing your users manually, or integrating with an HRIS!

Manual user management options:ย 

Birthday and anniversary dates can be added individually or in bulk with our manual user management features. Bonusly does not store the birth date year for any users, for security purposes, so there is no need to add them.ย 

Adding birthdays and hire dates for an individual user

To add a birthday and hire date for a new or existing user, first go to Users > Manage. Then, simply create a new user or edit a current user. Input their hire date in the "Hired on" field and input their birthday in the "Date of birth" field. Be sure to scroll down in the popup and hit the 'Save' button when you're done!ย 

Adding birthdays and hire dates for multiple users

Our bulk upload feature makes it easy to add birthdays and hire dates in one go. Simply follow the directions in this article for editing multiple users, and put your users' birthdays in the columns titled date_of_birth and their hire dates in the column titled hired_on.ย 

HRIS/HRMS integration management options:

Bonusly pulls hire dates and birthdays from your HRIS/HRMS integration, so there's no action to take. You're all set! ๐ŸŽ‰

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