What are Automated Awards?

Automated Awards give automatic recognition to welcome new employees and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

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No more worrying about forgetting a birthday or anniversary! Automated Awards automatically dole out recognition to your teammates. Automated Awards appear in your public Recognition Feed, encouraging the rest of your team to join in on the celebration.

Currently, we offer three types of Automated Awards:

1. Welcome Award
Help your new hires feel welcome on their first day! The Welcome Award automatically introduces and welcomes new teammates by recognizing them for joining your company.

2. Anniversary Award
Work anniversaries are a cause for celebration! The Anniversary Award encourages everyone in your organization to celebrate this milestone and reflect on their colleagues' contributions over the past year.

3. Birthday Award
You can't always pass around a birthday card for everyone to sign these days, especially with a lot of employees working remotely. The Birthday Award helps you celebrate every birthday consistently and is a fun way to make your employees feel appreciated on their special day!

Recognition from all Automated Awards appears on the public Recognition Feed just like those given out by peers.

โ—๏ธImportant: We deliver birthday and anniversary awards on the last workday before a weekend to ensure timely recognition! For example, someone with a Sunday birthday will receive a happy birthday message on the Friday prior.

Users who do not wish to celebrate their birthdays or work anniversaries on Bonusly can opt out of Automated Awards by going to their Account Settings page:

To opt out, click on Anniversaries in the user settings and uncheck the box next to the type of Award. Select Update Anniversaries, and you're all set! When a user opts out, they will not receive any recognition or points for that particular Award and will not be recognized on the public Recognition Feed.

What time do the Automated Awards run?

The Bonusly Bot delivered Automated Awards at 8:00 AM in the receiving user's time zone. If their profile doesn't specify a time zone, the award will be sent at 8:00 AM in the company's default time zone.

Whoops! We forgot to add a user's birth date or hire date; will they still get their award?

Automated awards are locked in for delivery 72 hours in advance, so edits to the award or user profile within this window might prevent automatic delivery. If that happens, submit a ticket to our support team at [email protected], and they'll get it sent out right away!

I have a user whose mode is "Benefactor" or "Observer." Will they receive automated awards?

No, automated awards are only sent to users who can receive recognition on the platform. This means users in "Benefactor" (can give but not receive recognition) and "Observer" (cannot give OR receive recognition) modes will not be included in automated award deliveries.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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