No more worrying about forgetting a birthday or anniversary! Automated Awards are handy bots that automatically dole out bonuses to your teammates. Automated Awards appear in the main Recognition Feed, encouraging the rest of your team to jump in on the celebration. 🎉 

Currently, we offer three types of Automated Awards:

1. Welcome Bot
Help your new hires feel welcome on their first day! The Welcome Bot automatically introduces and welcomes new teammates by recognizing them for making the very smart decision to join your team. 😜 The Welcome Bot is included as part of our Core functionality. 

2. Work Anniversary Bot
Service anniversaries are a cause for celebration! The Work Anniversary Bot prompts everyone in your organization to reflect on their colleagues' contributions over the past year. The Work Anniversary Bot is included with Bonusly Pro. Learn more about Bonusly Pro.

3. Birthday Bot
Passing around a birthday card for everyone to sign is so passé. The Birthday Bot helps you celebrates every birthday consistently. The Birthday Bot is included with Bonusly Pro. Learn more about Bonusly Pro

Bonuses from Automated Awards appear on the main Recognition Feed. Users who do not wish to celebrate their birthdays or work anniversaries on Bonusly can opt out of Automated Awards by going to Settings.

The Welcome Bot is included with Bonusly Core. Birthday and Work Anniversary Bots and Manual Awards are included with Bonusly Pro. 

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