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Managing Your Plans & Billing Page
Managing Your Plans & Billing Page

Learn how to update and manage your billing information, payment method and more!

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When you need to update contact and billing information, your Company > Plans & billing page is your one-stop spot! Read on for more on how to edit specific fields.

Subscription & Rewards Payment Methods

From this page, you'll be able to view information regarding your Subscription and Rewards payment methods. Since your Subscription and Rewards are billed separately, you can make separate updates to these payment methods.

Subscription Settings

Here, you can review your plan type, renewal date, and subscription information, such as seat count and monthly price per seat.

You can upload a credit card as the payment method used for Subscription invoicing by selecting the pencil icon at the bottom of the field:

To set up Subscription payments via ACH or Wire transfer, you can review the instructions in our article, How to Set up ACH.

If you have set up payment by ACH or wire transfer but would like to pay via credit card, you can select the "pay by credit card instead" button:

Rewards Settings

Here, you can add a credit card on file for your Rewards payments:

If you have a payment method on file, you'll be able to review your plan type and relevant details.

❗️Important: A payment method must be added to convert a trial account into a subscription. If there is no payment method on file when your trial expires, the account will deactivate automatically until a payment method is added.

How to Adjust Billing Contact Information

Click on the pencil icon to make changes to the following sections:

  • Account Details - Here you can add the preferred email address to receive Bonusly invoices, your company name (optional), and company phone number (optional)

  • Billing Address - Add and edit your company billing address information

The edit icon opens a modal where you can make your changes.

Add a Purchase Order (PO) Number

Click on the + icon to set up and save purchase orders for Subscriptions and Rewards.

That's it! Now, you can customize your Bonusly receipts to reflect the information you need to make bookkeeping easy for your finance team! 🎉

❗️Important: Edits to purchase order numbers take effect on the next invoice generated. They do not get updated on any previously generated invoices.

General Billing FAQ

Why are my rewards billing invoices and/or payment information being sent to the wrong person?

  • Billing invoices are sent to the email address listed in the “Account Details” card on your Plans & Billing page. Ensure this email or AP address is connected to someone who can pay this invoice.

  • To update the email address on file:

    1. Click the edit pencil icon button in the “Account details” card.

    2. Click on the email address in the ‘Account Details’ modal.

    3. Enter the correct email or AP address that will receive and pay invoices.

  • Please contact [email protected] if you would like to add additional contacts to these notification emails.

Why doesn’t the billing address on ‘Plans & billing’ match the billing address associated with the credit card that’s on file?

  • You may be set up to pay rewards and subscription invoices using different payment methods. Contact our Support team for help resolving this.

  • If you recently changed the credit card connected to your account, the billing address you entered may not have synced properly. Here's how to fix it:

    1. Click the edit pencil icon button in the “Billing Address” card.

    2. In the ‘Billing Address’ modal, click on the address listed.

    3. Enter the address, city, state, ZIP, and country connected to your credit card on file. All other fields in the billing address form are optional.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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