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How do I change my reward billing plan?
How do I change my reward billing plan?

Learn how to make updates to your reward billing plan and when you should reach out for assistance!

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Looking to understand how billing works at Bonusly? Learn more about subscription and reward billing options in your Bonusly account is this article: How do I pay for Bonusly?

To make changes to your existing reward payment plan, read on!

Bonusly offers 3 different reward billing plans:

Plan Type

Required Payment Method

Convenience Fee

Bill Amount

Bill Threshold

Pay-as-you-go Plan

Credit Card


$100 or more (Varies based on total value of rewards redeemed)

-$100 rewards balance

Flex Plan

Credit Card



50% of bill amount

Fixed Plan

Invoice ACH


$5,000 or more

50% of bill amount

How to change from the Pay-as-you-go Plan to the Flex Plan?

Starting by going to your Billing Settings page in your Bonusly account and go to the Reward settings card at the bottom half of the page. On the Reward settings card select the Switch to Flex Plan button.

A new window will pop up where you can select the bill amount that is closest to the total amount you'd like to budget for.

Select the amount you would like to be billed and click the Next button.

Confirm and review changes to your plan and select Agree and pay to finalize your update.

A confirmation appears on the Plans & Billing page signaling your update was successful.

For all other changes to your billing plan, please contact our team at [email protected] for assistance.


Q: What changes can an admin in Bonusly make to reward billing settings?

A: Admins can make the following changes without assistance from a Bonusly team member:

  1. Switch from a Pay-as-you-go Plan to the Flex Plan

  2. Modify bill amount for Flex Plan settings

  3. Modify saved account details (including billing point of contact) and billing address

  4. Add credit card and edit details

  5. Set up purchase order numbers for rewards and subscription bills

Q: What billing changes require assistance from a Bonusly team member?

A: Admins will need to reach out to [email protected] to make the following updates:

  1. Switching from Flex to Pay-as-you-go Plan

  2. Switching from Flex to Fixed Plan

  3. Modifying bill amount of Fixed Plan settings

  4. Switching from Fixed to Pay-as-you-go Plan

  5. Switching from Fixed to Flex Plan

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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