Re-adding or updating your payment method in "Account and Payment Settings" can help troubleshoot the following issues: 🙌

  • Being asked to approve rewards even though the people redeeming rewards has enough points to redeem

  • Not being able to redeem rewards

  • Not being able to redeem rewards due to overdue reward payment invoices or pre-paid amount balance is below certain amount

We recently made an update to migrate our rewards and subscription billing into one system to make it easier for admins to manage billing. You may have run into a reward redemption issue due to:

  • A card being expired or invalid that was on file for subscription payments, which is now synced as the same payment method for rewards billing

  • Balance due on rewards and is to the point where redeeming rewards has been disabled until the amount balance is paid off

  • Pre-pay amount balance falling below a certain amount so Bonusly is trying to charge the same amount on the the card to top up the balance

How to re-add and update payment method information 💳

Use the following steps to help troubleshoot:

  1. Log into Bonusly and under the Admin navigation menu, click on Company > Billing to access billing settings

  2. Click on "Manage" in under Account and Payment Settings

    Manage button in order to edit account and payment settings in the admin's company billing page.
  3. When the account and payment settings modal pops up, click on "Payment Methods" to edit and add another method

    Clicking on payment methods in the account and payment settings modal pop up in order to edit and add payment method information.

Reach out to us with questions or need additional support. Send a note to [email protected], we'd be happy to chat! 🤗

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