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Paying an outstanding invoice
Paying an outstanding invoice

Admins can make credit card payments on unpaid invoices with the Make Payment button on the Billing Activity page.

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Paying invoices is easier than ever with the new Make Payment button on the Billing Activity page.

Steps to Make a Payment:

The Make Payment button only displays if an invoice is in one of these statuses:

  • not paid

  • payment due

  • posted

Click on the Make Payment button. A new tab will open up on the checkout page.

Admins can pay single or multiple invoices by checking the box next to the invoices to be paid.

If the company has one or multiple credit cards on file, they can choose which card to make a payment with or enter a new credit card.

Click on Pay now, and a new message will appear to let you know the payment was successful.

Navigate back to the Bonusly Billing Activity page to see the paid invoice status.

Prepay invoice company: If a company is on prepay invoice or doesn't have a credit card on file, they can make a one-time credit card payment, OR they can add the credit card for future payments.

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