Bonusly's invoices are available on our website, and are downloadable as .pdf's. We understand that sometimes specific information is needed on receipts for bookkeeping purposes. No worries, we've got you covered! 👍 

How to add billing addresses to receipts: 

First, go to Company > Billing, and click "manage", under the Subscription Payment Settings section:  

A popup menu will appear, like this:

You can click on the subscription header to view :

  • a breakdown of your subscription

  • payment method information

  • add your PO information

You can click on the account information link to add:

  • an email which will receive all of your Bonusly invoices

  • your company name (optional)

  • your company phone number (optional)

You can click on the billing address link to add your billing address information

Select the payment method link to add your payment method which will be used for subscription payments

Choosing the billing history link will give you access to download all of your subscription invoices and receipts


  • It is necessary to add a payment method to the account in order to convert a trial account into a subscription. If there is not a payment method on file when your trial expires the account will deactivate automatically until a payment method is added

  • Rewards payment history will be available to download in the Rewards Payment History section of the billing page

There you go! 🎉 Now you can customize your Bonusly receipts to reflect the information you need to make bookkeeping smooth and easy. 

Have more questions about billing? We're happy to help! Contact us at: [email protected].

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