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Viewing Your Payment History and Invoices in Billing Activity
Viewing Your Payment History and Invoices in Billing Activity

Learn how to view your subscription and reward payment histories

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Billing Activity page

You can review your payment history on the Company > Billing Activity page. πŸŽ‰

Admin navigation menu in Bonusly website with Billing Settings and Billing Activity pages highlighted within the Company section of the Admin navigation menu.

The Billing Activity page shows your payment history by tracking your company's day-to-day invoicing activities.

Recent Invoices

The Recent Invoices table displays all invoices for subscription, proration, implementation fees, and rewards billed.

This table will show the following:

  • Issue Date - Date the invoice was issued

  • Description - Type of invoice (subscription, proration, implementation fees, rewards)

  • Amount - Cost of the charge

  • Status - Current state of the invoice, which will display as one of the following:

    • Payment Due - A payment was attempted but failed for some reason (view error message for details)

    • Not Paid - Payment has not been received

    • Posted - Invoice has been created and is not due yet; please note rewards catalogs will turn off according to our rewards balance rules regardless of rewards invoices due date

    • Paid - Payment has been made successfully

    • Voided - The invoice was voided, and no action is needed

  • Download Invoice - To download a PDF and view the invoice in detail

  • Make Payment Button - Displays only if invoices are in one of these states

    • Not paid

    • Payment due

    • Posted

Viewing Invoices

On the right side of any invoice, you can click on the download icon to view a PDF version of the invoice in detail.

In the Recent Invoices table, the download icon is located on the right side under the Download Invoice section.

Invoices will show the itemized descriptions of the charges, invoice date, invoice amount, and any payments made.

Sample invoice when downloaded, showing the transaction description in the center with the amount due or paid on the bottom right half of the invoice.

Postpay companies will see a second page in the invoice addendum that ties the Chargebee invoice to corresponding redeemed rewards. This shows an itemized breakdown of each redeemed reward, including the following details:

  • Invoiced at - Date the redeemed reward was invoiced

  • Description - What reward was redeemed and by who

  • Amount - Cost of the reward redeemed

  • Balance - Remaining balance in the company's account (if applicable)

All the redeemed rewards listed in a rewards invoice will show a total amount displayed at the bottom.

Sample invoice showing a postpay company's redeemed rewards, with the Invoice Date, Description, Amount, and Balance highlighted in the Redeemed Rewards table.

Reward Balance

The Reward Balance table consists of only successful payments and rewards redemptions. The table will not include pending, voided, or failed transactions since those do not impact rewards balances.

Note: Convenience fees are also not shown in the Reward Balance for Postpay companies since they do not impact the overall rewards balance.

The table breaks the reward balance down by:

  • Date - Dates will match the corresponding rewards redemptions

  • Description - Reward-related transaction (reward, invoice)

  • Amount - Cost associated with the reward or invoice

  • Balance - Remaining balance

You can also export and download CSV files. All companies will see downloadable Chargebee PDFs in the rewards balance table.

Overview of the Reward Balance table in Billing Activity, pointing out the section for Date, Description, Amount, and Balance for transactions and invoices, along with options to export and download on the right side.

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