You can review your payment history on the Company > Billing page. Payments for subscriptions and rewards are reported separately. Read on for how to review each type! 🎉

Subscription payments 

To review your subscription payments, click on the Manage button in the Subscription Payment Setting on your Company > Billing page.

The manage button will link you to your subscription dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can view and manage your subscription information including:

  • Account Information - view and updated contact information like phone numbers and email addresses

  • Billing Address - view and edit your billing address

  • Payment Methods - view your current payment method on file. If you are not seeing any payment methods listed, click on the add new button.

  • Billing History - view payments made for your subscription

Want more detail on your subscription payments? Click on the "download" link in the billing history window to download a .pdf to review! ✨

To return to your billing page, click on the "x" in the top right corner of your subscription dashboard.

Reward payments 

You can view your subscription payments on the Company > Billing page in your Reward Payment History. Your prepayments and rewards payments will be listed here where you can review date, description, amount, and balance.

To see which rewards are included in each "Rewards" line item, click the dropdown arrow to the left of the date.

You can also filter by date range and export your rewards payments to a .csv or .pdf file for review.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected] and we'll be glad to help out! 🤗

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