While most of your teammates' bonuses will be in the spirit of employee recognition, bonuses may occasionally come through that aren't quite right for your team.

There are two ways to report bonuses: actively, with User Reports, and passively, with the Bonusly Quality Bot. Any Bonusly user can report a bonus they think is inappropriate or suspicious. 

In this article, we'll cover the actions you can take if someone on your team reports a bonus.

Receiving a User Report

Users can report bonuses for inappropriate activity, suspicious behavior, or other (with a request for more information). When a user reports a bonus, admin(s) receive an email that indicates who reported a bonus and why. 

From that email, you'll be directed to the Resolution page, where you can view the details of the bonuses in question, including the bonus giver, the bonus receiver/s, and the bonus reason.

Resolving a User Report

Admins can resolve* a User Report in three ways: 

  1. Take no action
  2. Archive the bonus and leave the bonus giver's account active
  3. Archive the bonus and deactivate the bonus giver's account

You can find a complete list of bonus reported bonuses (including User Reports and Deactivation Reports generated by the Bonus Quality Bot) under the ADMIN menu in Bonuses > Reported

By default, this list will only show unresolved reports. You can view resolved reports by clicking the checkbox to the right of Include at the top of the page. *You must have Global admin permissions in order to access this feature. 

Learn more about what to do if the Bonus Quality Bot reports poor bonus behavior here

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