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How the Bonus Quality Bot reports bonuses
How the Bonus Quality Bot reports bonuses

Learn how the Bonus Quality Bot automatically flags poor bonus behavior.

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Worried that your team might be colluding to game the system? While we hope that no one will tarnish the Bonusly experience with poor bonus behavior, we understand that it may happen. We built the Bonus Quality Bot to keep an eye out for any activity that might be inappropriate for your team's Bonusly account.

In this article, we'll cover how the Bonus Quality Bot works. (To learn about manual bonus reporting, check out this Help Center article on User Reports.)

Identifying suspicious behavior

To identify suspicious bonuses, the Bonus Quality Bot compares the content of a bonus reason to that of other bonuses recently given by the same user to the same receiver/s.

If the Bonus Quality Bot detects activity that exceeds a certain threshold of severity or frequency, it creates a Deactivation Report.

When a Deactivation Report is created, the bonus giver's account is automatically deactivated and the suspicious bonuses are archived.

The bonus giver is notified by email that their account has been deactivated due to suspicious behavior. The admin(s) of the account receive an email that the bonus giver's account has been deactivated.

Resolving deactivated accounts

When the bonus giver's account has been deactivated, the email sent to admin(s) will invite you to resolve the issue. You'll be directed to the Resolution page, where you can view the details of the bonuses in question, including the bonus giver, the bonus receiver/s, and the bonus reasons. 

Admins can resolve* a Deactivation Report in three ways: 

  1. Restore the bonus giver's deactivated account and their archived bonuses

  2. Restore the bonus giver's deactivated account but leave their bonuses archived

  3. Restore nothing, leaving the bonus giver's account deactivated and their bonuses archived.

Once you've chosen a course of action, a Deactivation Report will be marked resolved.

You can find a complete list of reported bonuses (including Deactivation Reports generated by the Bonus Quality Bot and User Reports) under the ADMIN menu in Bonuses > Reported

By default, this list will only show unresolved reports. You can view resolved reports by clicking the checkbox to the right of Include at the top of the page. *You must have Global admin permissions in order to access this feature. 

Learn more about what to do when a user reports poor bonus behavior here.

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