What's an allowance boost?

There are situations where an organization may want certain users to have additional allowance to hand out to their colleagues. Managers and team leads, whose job description often dictates that they witness more rewardable behavior than an average employee are the most common case for allowance boosts.

Allowance boosts are given in addition to the standard monthly allowance all users receive. Two important things about the allowance boost reward:

  • It won't be spent until the user's normal monthly allowance is exhausted.
  • It does roll over into the next month if the user doesn't spend it.

Allowance boosts come in two forms:

1) Persistent Boosts (Additional funds will be added to the user's allowance each month until the boost is manually removed.)

2) One-time Boosts (Additional funds will be added to the user's allowance once.)

Adding a persistent allowance boost

When you visit the 'manage users' page, you'll see a column labeled 'allowance boost.' In that column, there is a grey number for each user, representing the size of allowance boost they've been allotted. By default, each user's allowance boost is '+0'. Click that grey number.

A dialogue will open, allowing you to add/edit that user's allowance boost. Click save, and you should see the change reflected in that user's 'allowance boost' column. Boosted allowances appear blue in the 'Allowance boost' column.

Adding a one-time allowance boost

if you head over to the 'manage users' page and click the blue 'allowance balance' link for each user:

You'll see a dialogue pop up, showing the user's allowance balance in detail. To add a one-time boost to that user's giving allowance, click the button labeled "One-time Allowance Boost."

Now choose add the amount in the 'boost amount' field, then add a reason for future reference. When you're done, click 'add.'

The one-time allowance boost will appear immediately in the user's allowance balance.

If you have more questions about persistent or one-time allowance boosts, contact us anytime at support@bonus.ly

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