To add multiple users in bulk, click the 'Bulk Upload Users' button at the top-left of the 'User Admin' page:

You'll be taken to a new page with two options to choose from:

1) Bulk Import from CSV/XLSX File

2) Bulk Add From a List of Email Addresses

1) Bulk Import From CSV/XLSX File

You can add all your users at once by uploading a CSV or XLSX file. The file you upload needs to fit this format:

You can use this pre-formatted spreadsheet to make it easier.

Once you have a file in the format specified above, click the "choose file" button, and select your file:

Once you've chosen your file and are satisfied with the settings, click the green "upload" button, you'll be taken to a verification page, displaying your list.

This is your chance to double-check and make sure the list looks exactly the way you expect it to. If everything looks correct, click the green 'import' button near the bottom-left:

A new box will pop on the screen to confirm the users. Click "Let's do it".

You should see some green text confirming the upload was successful, and the new users should now be visible from the 'user management' page.

Archive users not in the list:

You can also use this tool to automatically deactivate employees in your Bonusly roster by checking the box labeled "archive users not in the list?"

With this option active, employees who are not on the list you import will have their Bonusly accounts deactivated automatically once the import is complete.

2) Bulk Add from a List of Email Addresses

Add the emails of the colleagues you'd like to invite, separated by commas like in the example below and click 'next.'

You'll see a confirmation of the emails you've added, and an button labeled 'add users.' Click 'Add Users' to add them, and they'll receive email invitations to join your account.

That's it, you're done. Tada!

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