Editing multiple users

Our bulk upload feature makes it easy to edit multiple users at once.

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Bonusly’s bulk upload feature can be used to edit your users' information all at once. You can add, edit, or archive users (or any combination of the three) with just one upload!

If you only want to change one user, you can check out our article on editing a user

Downloading your current user list

You’ll first need to download your current user list to edit current users, archive old ones, or add new users. You can do this by going to your Admin > Users > User accounts page and clicking the “Export to CSV” button: 

Once it’s downloaded, you can open, edit, and save the CSV in any spreadsheet editor, including Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets.

Note! Please ensure there are no empty columns or rows in your spreadsheet. This will cause an error when you try to bulk-upload your users.

Making your changes: adding, editing, or deactivating users

Adding new users

To add a new user, add a new entry in the spreadsheet. Make sure to look at other users as a guide to inputting a new user's details. 

Editing current users

To edit a current user, make the changes directly in the spreadsheet. 

Note: To edit/update users' emails, you need to download your user list from Bonusly and ensure all users have a value in the "external_unique_id" column. If users do not have an external_unique_id and you change their emails, Bonusly cannot connect the uploaded data to the existing user profiles. This can result in current profiles being deactivated and new profiles being created. 

  • Check out our article on editing a user to edit an individual user's email. 

Archiving current users

To archive a current user, delete their row entirely from the spreadsheet. Make sure not to leave an empty row behind. When you upload the file (following the instructions below to upload your changes), check the "Deactivate users not in this list?" box.

Resetting column entries

If you delete a previously entered column from the spreadsheet before uploading, the information will stay the same within the system.

Uploading your changes

Once you’ve made your changes and saved the spreadsheet, it’s time to upload them to Bonusly. Head to the Admin > Users > User accounts page, then click the 'Bulk upload users' button: 

You’ll be taken to a new page and presented with two options. We will use the “Bulk Import from CSV/XLSX File” option. Use the file selector to upload your spreadsheet: 

“Archive users not in the list?” option

Check this box if you are archiving users with this upload. If you are not archiving users with this upload, you can leave this box unchecked.

Once you’ve selected your file to upload and decided whether or not to archive users, click the “Upload” button: 

Once your file has been uploaded, you’ll be taken to a verification page that displays your list. This is your chance to double-check your data and ensure the list looks exactly how you expect it to. *Note: If any columns cannot be uploaded, a prompt will appear in yellow at the top of the screen. The prompt for the following columns can be ignored, as they do not need to be uploaded: "last_active_at," "created_at," and "allowance_balance."

If everything looks good, click the “Update Users” button below the data on the bottom left side of the page: 

After the progress bar is complete, you’ll see some green text confirming the upload was successful, and your changes will now be visible from the user management page. If you've added new users, they'll immediately receive an email invitation to join Bonusly.  

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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