Tips for large group recognition at the same time

Learn how to give recognition to a large group

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Intended Audience: For all users, specifically those giving a large amount of point recognition to a large group.

If your team is looking to give recognition to a large group of your employees at the same time, we’ve got some tips to help you do that! 🙌 Here are some considerations when handing out recognition to a large group:

Giving from one user’s account (e.g. CEO or President)

If you want the recognition to come from one leader’s account, you will want to increase their allowance balance as needed - refer to our article on allowance boosts to learn exactly how!

Giving to specific groups

If your company’s departments or groups are clearly identified in Bonusly, you can make recognition posts by department by using ‘~’ in the text field or clicking on the group icon.

Multi user icon being highlighted to demonstrate its location in the Bonusly application.

For example, if you want to award everyone in your company a piece of recognition at the same time, you'd select the "everyone" option:

This would then populate the recognition box will all the @ usernames in the company:

  • Note: The max amount of recognition points that can be given on a single recognition post is 10,000 points. This can be temporarily increased for the day you wish to give these out, if needed. There is also a character limit of 16,000 characters (includes usernames) for a single recognition post.

  • Alternatively, you can split the recognition posts by smaller groups to accommodate the points and character limits.

  • Put the points, text, and hashtags first, then add everyone, so the recognition can stand out.

Preparing usernames in bulk

  • If you’ve got a lot of employees, it may be easier to download your current user list from Users > Manage. The exported CSV file will contain a column of everyone’s usernames.

  • Add the "@" symbol to all the relevant usernames in order to easily copy and paste usernames into the recognition box to give successfully. Use formula ="@"& (original username cell)

Column showing where you would need to insert the "@" symbol to make the username be a username in the recognition post.
  • To quickly copy the formula to the rest of the usernames in the list, double click the small box at the bottom right edge of the selected cell, or click and drag the corner of the selected cell

The right bottom corner of an excel field being selected in order to drag down and copy the "@" symbol for every user in the column.

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