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When does a Relevant vs Everything toggle show up in my Bonusly feed?
When does a Relevant vs Everything toggle show up in my Bonusly feed?

Learn about the factors that trigger the Relevant vs Everything toggle in your recognition feed.

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TLDR: Relevance and what is considered to be a relevant post, is calculated based on recognition shared, associations to others, and custom properties. The Relevant vs Everything Toggle appears in your Bonusly recognition feed based on your company size and usage.

Relevance in relation to the Bonusly app is broken down to two distinctions:

  • Relevance (as the word itself in relation to how it's applied to recognition posts and subsequent feed)

  • Relevance vs Everything Toggle showing up in your Bonusly recognition feed, along with what is considered to be a relevant post


What is considered relevant determines what recognition to show in the feed for large companies by default, and it determines who gets sent certain e-mails (e.g. "It's Bob's birthday today!").

Bonusly calculates relevance based on:

  • Number of bonuses that've been shared between two users

  • Manager associations (sharing a manager or having a reporting relationship makes two users very relevant to each other)

  • Shared custom properties (in order of decreasing importance: department, location, division, title)

Relevant vs Everything Toggle

  • The relevant feed is triggered for company's with over 50 users (or when a company gets to 50 users)

    • Users may then see the "Everything" vs "Relevant" buttons to toggle the feed if they have enough bonuses

  • In addition to being > 50 users, an individual user will see this option under these circumstances:

    • User has more than 5 relevant bonuses

    • User has more than 6 close users

    • The Everything vs Relevant feed have different first bonuses

What's a relevant bonus?

  • From a high level perspective, Bonusly uses the users closest to you to help determine if a recognition post is relevant to you.

What's a close user?

  • We rank a user's relevant proximity to another user based on recognition given, managers, similar properties etc.

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